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Started by MTops, August 18, 2010, 08:39:10 AM

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Hello everyone,

My name is Maarten Tops.

I am working on a new AI for StarCraft 2 on a professional level.
I'm currently following the course International Game Architecture & Design at a university in the Netherlands.
I have the next 8 months for this project as this is my graduation project for school.

I have been studying a lot of SC2 strategies in the past month and I've also been poking around in the official Blizzard AI script files.

It is always nice to know some people who work on similar projects so you can talk to each other, give feedback and exchange knowledge and experience if needed.
I hope I can find people like that here, since this is the first SC2 community site I have found that has a specific forum for AI development, but I also noticed the lack of posts since the official release of SC2.

So if you're still here, let's hear it! :)


Welcome  :thumbsup: . It's nice to see another AI developer. Most of them don't continue after beta phase.


when you make a good AI i wanna test it :P


Nice to see someone's still alive in here. :)
Could you please tell me your experience with SC2 AI development?


Yeah, the hardest to make AI is how to make it respond more like human. Since AI can not walling, using cannon rush or harrassing the worker line.


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