Thor Model Replace - Use ThorCE !

Started by HASH, August 26, 2010, 05:55:55 PM

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Thor Model Replace - Use ThorCE !

Hi all!

If want use Thor Collection Edition Model in game, you need download THIS PATCH for StarCraft II and replace your patch in directory:

"%Path to Game Folder%\StarCraft II\Versions\Base15405" replace "patch.SC2Archive" file before backup him.

It will work on 1.0.3 enGB game version, another version not tested (i think game language has no reason).

I have made it for all :)

StarCrat II - ThorCE (Collection Edition)

THIS IS FOR STANDART USERS! you dont need BUY CE!, understand? i REPLACE IT

Enjoy :)


Is this legal or will I get banned for this if i use this in Thx in advance


its for local player but for multiplayer


Is there a way to get all the other stuff like the portraits?  :)
Thanks for this anyway  ;) .


No, it's not. Like title say, he just replaced the original model with collector's one and this will be seen only by local players. On the bnet, others will "know" that you have normal thor model. If you want the collector's avatars, he should replace some avatars with collector ones and, again, they'll be only seen by you.
Thanks HASH for this patch, I saw that it is, indeed, a nice model. I'm wondering though if this modification could be a risk for banning...