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Started by Myst, August 28, 2010, 01:27:29 PM

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Quote from: ChangeLog
[Version 1 Build 3]
-Altered broadcast message of detected games.
-Added broadcast of MapName, removed non-broadcastable characters
-Added ability to watch UMS, Melee, and TvB games (?switch command)
-Added basic Winamp support
-Added new ?games command (Show last 5 games)
-Added support for older auths (Mainly for PvPGN, still in BETA)
-Added 26digit SC key support
-Added a ?listfilter command (?filters - lists current filters)
-Added new command ?ep (Checks Last/New Episodes of TVShows)
-Added a update checker, bot checks to see if you are using the latest version
-Removed queue when chatting through bot
-Fixed channel caption
-Fixed TimeFilter bug
-Fixed deletefilter bug
-Bot now recieves commands via whispers also
-Created new Access system (0 - 100)
-Database.txt is saved rightaway whenever someone is added or removed

[Version 1 Build 2]
-Fixed Subscript out of range error due to wrong loop count.

[Version 1 Build 1]
-Fixed multiple filter with different filter types problem.

[Version 1 Build 0]
Initial Beta Release