ZealotxCore's SC2 Lan Hack?

Started by comando123, September 06, 2010, 09:53:46 AM

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not sure if anyone else has run into this but  supposedly there is an ex Blizz employee who has released a few things for sc2. one of them that i found (have not downloaded or tested this) is a download link with a survey to get to it and such.

feel free to try it out, and let us know if it works.


if it does work could someone reupload the file someplace?



Cause all the hardcore game hackers want you to fill out surveys to download their content :P

Some gems from his site:
A Starcraft 2 non-beta Download that apparently was not only fully decrypted, but worked online prior to the 27th release date.

Duke Nukem Forever playable demo from pax.
Starcraft 2 Battle net keygen

Think we can safely assume its fake, even without downloading.