Release v0.6.0: Public Release 1

Started by Ribose, December 27, 2010, 04:30:09 PM

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Get it on Google Code (link)

To install for Windows/Pidgin users, just copy the dll from plugins/ to either %APPDATA%/.purple/plugins/ (you might have to make a new folder) or PIDGIN INSTALL DIR/plugins/ (may be removed by future Pidgin installs).

If you want to use the protocol icon on Pidgin, just copy the pixmaps/ folder into your PIDGIN INSTALL DIR, merging contents. Note that you may want to keep the ZIP around because when you update Pidgin, the pixmaps folder is replaced, deleting the protocol icons.

(Re)start Pidgin, and make a new account.

To install for the many other configurations (OSX/Adium, Linux/Pidgin, Linux/Finch, etc), you'll have to compile it yourself at this time, since I have no idea whether they work yet. The ZIP contains the entire source.

Quotev0.6.0: "Public Release 1"
  • This is the first release, so nothing "changed" since the last one.

Screenshots and Features
See this topic for screenshots and the current supported features.

  • Trying to log in with WarCraft III at this time will not work.
  • Trying to create accounts does nothing at this time.

Usage notes
You will have to use a valid BNLS ("Logon Server") and CD-key for the selected client, see the Advanced tab.

To join a channel after logging on, use the Buddies -> Join a Chat. You can then make it your "home channel" (as termed by other bots) by adding the chat to your buddy list with the setting "auto-join" checked.

All standard commands are directed to through libpurple's command processor. If you want to use a non-standard command (ex. PvPGN), you have to use libpurple's /say command, example: /say /ann sometext. You can also bypass it by sending multiple messages at once using CTRL+ENTER. I have left the command system there so that your libpurple or Pidgin plugins can then add commands without them being bypassed by the protocol. Also, it allows the plugin to do the proper modification to certain commands for Diablo II (ex. /whois user -> /whois *user).

Post comments and ideas, please.


Should add a home channel option, further support for other pkts , which im sure you will do (0x26, 0x3d etc).  Ability to close tab when you join another channel. 


Quote from: MystShould add a home channel option, ...
Currently you can Buddies > Add Chat... > and in the form select "Autojoin when account connects".

Though, I will consider it.

"further support for other pkts , which im sure you will do (0x26, 0x3d etc)."

"Ability to close tab when you join another channel."
I don't know of a good way to do this. A bad way would be to require the protocol plugin to have access to the UI and then it will become Pidgin-specific, which I do not want to do (Fun fact: Gfire requires Pidgin's UI).


Known bugs (STATUS):
  • From the room list window, if you click "Join Channel" you will crash (FIXED).
  • Jailout's RBNETD ( will give you a blank username on logon (FIXED).
  • Certain new StarCraft keys will no longer IPBan you (FIXED).
  • If you have a channel "persisted" or you are in it and Pidgin doesn't know and you reopen/"rejoin" it, the channel user list is emptied (FIXED).
  • If you are in channel A with user X and you move to channel B then do Buddies > Get User Info... on that user X, their user information and stats will be shown as if they are in the current channel (FIXED).
  • User ban, kick, and unban messages will now always appear in the channel and never in an IM (FIXED).
  • Whisper commands open a new IM and show your sent whisper (FIXED).
Changes made (for v0.7.0):
  • Do not disturb mode is now correctly updated by your Pidgin status (COMPLETE).
  • "User is away" warning and "User is unavailable" error on IM (whisper) are now correctly shown in the IM and not in the channel (COMPLETE).
  • EID_ERRORs in channels now appear red instead of black (COMPLETE).
  • "X is away (away message)" is now displayed as an auto-response! "X <AUTO-RESPONSE>: Away (away message)" (COMPLETE).
  • Warcraft III and Diablo channel user stats are now parsed (COMPLETE).
  • Warcraft III support (COMPLETE)