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Started by Myst, December 30, 2007, 09:20:50 AM

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Current Version: Beta v0.2
Download Here:
Gopher Hybrid With Hash Files
Gopher Hybrid  WithOut Hash Files
Additional ScreenShots:
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Description: Ultimate Account Tool to ever be conceived, well not really but you get the point. Supports the making of regular accounts with SC and SSHR.  Where SSHR doesn't need a Cd-Key to use, so that is freaking great right there. Supports War3 account making also.
Also, it can jog accounts, change pw's, create profiles, create accounts,  and register accounts. Also has proxy support.
Can also load multiple bots so you can run different account lists at the same time.

There is a slight learning curve when using this however.  And the program hasn't been updated for a year, but still works and is still amazingly productive.

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Quote from: ChangeLog
[BETA v0.2]
Added War3 Password changing support

[BETA v0.1]
Added Proxy Support
Fixed Account Queue. Before when you Loaded a new List on a previous Bot that was already loaded it would "add on" to the previous list. Now it deletes whatevers in the OLD queue and adds the new accounts to it.
Minimizes to Tray
Changed GUI