Bot thinking it doesn't have ops

Started by Myst, March 05, 2011, 01:23:16 AM

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The bot doesn't detect that it has ops and thus fails to ban.
[01:18:19.109] <Thief> .join Op Myst
[01:18:19.416] Myst [141ms] has left the channel. 
[01:18:23.909] Joining channel Op Myst.
[01:18:28.424] <Thief> .ban
[01:18:28.735] <Myst> (BAN) I do not have ops.
[01:18:45.554] <Thief> .ban *
[01:18:45.958] <Myst> (BAN) I do not have ops.
[01:18:54.568] ( Users in channel Op Myst:
[01:18:54.570] ( [*MYST], *Thief

Myst & Thief are both logged in using D2.

Through the terminal the bot does detect the updated flags for ops 0x02.
<default>[BNET] Joined channel Op Myst
<default>[BNET] User *Myst is here using D2DV with 141ms ping and 0 flags.
<default>[BNET] Flags Update( User:*Myst / Ping: 141ms / Client:  / Flags: 2)


Thanks Myst.

I'm actually already aware of this 'bug'. It's because I haven't implemented the * prefix parsing for D2DV / D2XP on literally anything yet. I'll get around to it before the next release.