Ultimate Bot

Started by DeityTheGreat, March 09, 2011, 04:30:16 AM

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This was a very old bot that was only half finished, If someone ever finished it or maybe has one that could at least connect and chat, that would be cool. let me know what you guys think.


UltimateBot is already uploaded on the site.  You can find it in the download section or click here:
http://darkblizz.org/Forum2/downloads/?sa=view;down=19  (I fixed the broken link for those wondering)

I also have many older bots located in http://darkblizz.org/bots/

But UltimateBot would not work on Battle.net anymore since they closed down their telnet connection (The connection UB uses to connect to).

The only way for UB to connect nowadays is using BinaryFlux, a program available on this site also, that acts as a gateway between battle.net and bot using updated stuff so you can get UB to work on current battle.net.

However nowadays, as in real life, technology progresses, and there are much better, newer bots out now that work on Bnet. Even though UB was great, in my opinion there are more current bots one can use.