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Started by acien, March 27, 2011, 10:28:16 PM

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Due to a random convo with a friend on irc i got an idea for a epic new bot/hybrid

what it is is pretty much combine a keygen sorter and tester all in one. Pretty much what it would do would be generate a key (maybe get some new algorithms so its not generating the same ones that have been around for years) then run a check on the key for what game it goes to then try and connect to bnet and based on the results it would then store and sort it appropriately depending if its invalid banned muted inuse clean and continue on to the next one. This should probably offer proxy support and switch proxys when it gets rded/ip banned and maybe check the list of previous keys maybe make it switch able for 16 or 26 digit keys depending what prog you want the keys for or for games like d2 it gives it a wider base of keys to check


I sorta made something like this a few years back during the SC Key genning craze.  It was CdKey scanner which scanned a range of values based off an algorithm and tested them automatically.  Also had the option to brute keys also.

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Yeh but I plan on making a keytester soon, seems like there is a need for one.


cant find that cdkey scanner and id like to play wit it, do u have it ? :)


The thing I posted I never released to the public.