need some help 8)

Started by 0x00, June 22, 2011, 03:31:27 PM

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I ffa anti debagger (any 4 help B/NET.DLL<-->sc2.exe<-->B/NET still die)...
I ffa deobfuscator ( in any code )
I ffa relocator ( in any code )

compiled in i386 assembler be most compobiletable for me...

I ffa any dump information from  0x1337[.]org - off line all times...
I ffa any dumped files from 0x1337[.]org

If anybody have some there PM me plz...

If it's in confidence PM me, not for pablick...
Absolute 0x00


yah aint gonna find any deobsfucated :P  , it would be rare for someone to do and would be kept private.  Last person I knew who did it was during SC2 beta and part of that LazyTown team.


Need some help in huck for RELOADED crack
Absolute 0x00