Green Tea AI 0.82

Started by vide85, May 03, 2011, 11:45:58 AM

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Hi. Because there aren't any good tutorials for getting the best ai on the internet, i decided to try to install green tea 0.82 by myself. However it couldn't run on the old version, so i upgraded my sc2 app to 1.3.2.
Now it seems there isn't a crack for this version, please help me, how ever you can. Thanks!


For all those that are interested in acquiring Green Tea AI 0.82 follow links

For the 1.3.2 sc2 patch:
(scroll down a bit, u have the official maps to download and also the patch. Pick the one you need, for example Europe, America etc...)

For the crack:
I tried it with 1.3.2 works GREAT! (win7 64-bit, just follow the instructions to the letter!)

Great AI, really really good... Can't compare to default Blizz AI...