10 Billion Android Apps Downloaded

Started by Myst, December 08, 2011, 03:34:02 PM

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In my opinion, Android Apps, or apps in generally is a huge market currently and in the future.  Personally I started learning Java and the Android SDK so I can start and become an appillionaire!   8)
Anyways what apps/device do you guys use and are there any developers out there that are making serious money by making apps?


 I dont know much on this subject at all really.. I just use em. LOL! I would be interested in selling one though. I could prolly come up with some nifty ideas.
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I'm currently developing an Android app about Domestic Flight Search as part of my undergraduate thesis. I do agree that the Android community will thrive in the years to come specially now that smartphones are now available in entry-level models.  :P