[RELEASE] LoLEtal v0.5 open beta

Started by acien, June 13, 2011, 01:26:00 AM

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Quote from: String on August 15, 2011, 08:18:52 AM
Thank you for this great bot, IP farming is such a pita and the worst part of this game ><.  I have a couple of questions:

Is there a way to have the bot play more than 5 games in a row?

Any new updates that haven't been posted yet?

Thanks for your help!

this bot plays up to the configured amount in the config by default its set to 12 witch is normally enough for lvl 5 on a new acc and no 6.1 is due to come out soon but wont have that basic ai i dont think i cant think of a good way to do it but ill have a bunch more added instead


v0.61 is finally out (after many rl delays) with
Basic ai added will kill minions at mid i have to figure out a system to get it pushing efficiently (recommended range ad dps)
Deadlock handling added
Skill level system switched from mouse clicks to hotkeys
Custom skins now install and uninstall to facilitate the ai process. if for some reason the skin dosent uninstall run the skinuninstaller.exe and it will remove them for you skins must be removed for league of legends to patch


v0.611 is out with
improved recall function
improved ai still not attacking precisely but its attacking now
shrank file path for skins
fixed it so game will end now with ai on


v0.612 is out with
Made it so ai skins only install and uninstall once per bot run instead of per acc
added the endgame check into the hp check function to fix the infinite loop some people are getting
Removed my skin backups from the downloads and cut thier size in half


v0.613 is out with
Fixed variable used without being declared error (was a bug in the change to the hp check system)

sorry never code at 5am before bed


Patch broke the bot bot will not run until i can get a fix for it


v0.62 is finally out with
Fixed login
Fixed Creating games
Fixed account loop
Fixed in game detection
Fixed end game detection
Fixed a few bugs with skin installing
Updated skin installer
Fixed stats screen


v0.621 is out with
Updated and improved deadlock function
Added a missing delay on creating next game


I know this hasn't been updated in months, but I recently stumbled across it. It still kind of works, with a few bugs:

  • The bot always picks summoner's rift as the first map
  • The bot cannot level up skills. When the debug tooltip says "leveling up 'q'" or whatever, the game says "you have not learned that ability yet." Has the hotkey changed?
  • When the bot loses, it sits at the defeat screen saying "waiting for stats screen." Eventually the bot will completely restart (I think) allowing it to start a new game and eventually do 12 games.
  • If you click the "continue" button for the bot, it will sometimes make the next game, but often screws up.
  • The bot doesn't do 12 games and/or 12 games doesn't get you to level 5 anymore. I set the bot up to run overnight, and status.ini reported 12 games in the morning, but the bot was only level 4.

Still, the bot mostly worked, as it got an account to level 4 overnight. Any chance for an update soon? Thanks!


[COLOR="Red"]sorry to all i havent had internet access or any time to update the bot as promised i will release the source as i am no longer able to support/update it i recommend you dont use it in coop vs ai or pub games as it will increase the chance of riot taking action against it

LoLEtal source:
SkinUninstaller source: