HDMH for patch v1.4.3.21029

Started by CraniX, February 25, 2012, 02:39:01 PM

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HackDev LTD.
    This program is undetected & free ;)
    HDMH is now written in c#

    Press F5 to turn on & off
    Have fun ;)

Camera Lock:
    Press F6 to lock & unlock camera
    Show Player Selections
    Show Player Clicks
    Show Player Camera Movement
    Show Cloaked Units
    Click on Players Buildings & Units
    When this option is enabled you loose control of your units until it is disabled, use this option with the MapHack for best results.

Observer Panel:
    No more hotkey its all automatic, this is optional if you don't use it in custom games.
    Be sure to disable the observer panel hotkeys in StarCraft II. You have to do this on your own to prevent detection.

Change Log:

HackDev MapHack v1.0.0.2
for patch v1.4.3.21029

1.  Fixed some issues.
       No more 2 second pause at start
       Fixed hotkeys

Original file size - 218kb
Protected file size - 4.73mb
Download: http://uploadmirrors.com/download/0W0MHKPS/hdmh_1.0.0.2.rar - 4mb

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