Diablo 3 beta client?

Started by Myst, September 05, 2011, 06:48:33 PM

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We're still on the hunt for a leak of the D3 beta client.   So if anyone has any information on that please post here.


A user in our D3 research channel (#D3SE @irc.rizon.net)  found a link to a chinese site where a guy apparently has the beta.  http://bbs.game.163.com/thread-168847763-1-1.html

Can any of you chinese people in our community be able to try to talk to him and get it from him.  Or atleast try ;)


Starcraft 2 Hacking Development


if i get in you guys will know about it


Other beta client link from Hungarian forum. Sorry if it's the same file.


By the way. I heard that Diablo3 needs constant internet connection for everything. For Single Player gameplay too. In my opinion cracking the beta authentication on login screen won't be enough. Or perhaps yes?