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Started by Myst, September 12, 2011, 10:11:12 PM

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Just like during the SC2 Beta, we have collobarated with others in the community and launched a D3 Wiki for documenting research done from various individuals. 

At the moment right now its a little bare, but people are adding content to it.   So if you're interested in developing something for D3 or what to contribute what you know.
Check out the wiki here


Would love to check it out but the site won't load up for me.  :'(


Quote from: TasteTheDiabetes on September 13, 2011, 12:45:05 AM
Would love to check it out but the site won't load up for me.  :'(
Same for me.


Yeh, server is having a bit of issue right now


will you let us know when the server stops it's madness?


It's back online. The link wasn't supposed to have gone public when it did as things were still being worked out. Thanks for the DoS, though. :D (100% Uptime; Supports all clients.)


I think need 2 restar StarCrack team, and work around DIII. I like thise grup of developer's. Any cnow any coordinate of ?
And yes we are going develop any programs for DIII.
Go Start old chanel in Mirc?
And now needed mo consperation!
And I like if you start d3 wiki.
I can fotoshop new logo for wiki.
Absolute 0x00


You're a bit late though, #mooege on synirc.  Things are well underway already