Adding War3 support

Started by Myst, October 24, 2011, 12:08:50 AM

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Update: (Not Released yet)

Started adding D2 and War3 support for the game detection, after a couple people requested.  So I'd thought I'd share the progress.

The bot will change on the fly based on the cdkey you use, i.e sc/d2/wc3.

I started working on the War3 support, but since I hardly ever played the game, it's gonna take awhile till I learn how the game works and its all smooth.

Quote from: ChangeLog[Version 1 Build 4]
-Added ability to auto-copy the latest filtered game (Only works for those running the bot)
{Thanks Ringo for the idea}
-Fixed bug in ClearedMapData() function which caused a runtime error when bot has been running for weeks.
-Tweaked detection of games a bit. All Maps are cleared of color-codes and gameclient unfriendly characters prior to checking a filter to them.
-Added ?weather command. (Shows the temp/weather conditions for state/zip)
-Created new backgrounds for each game
-Added War3 Game Detection Support