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Diablo III - MPQ Extractor

Started by Deckard Cain, February 03, 2012, 12:49:44 AM

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Deckard Cain

Ladik's MPQ Editor

The program above allows you to extract/patch or possibly even add extra data to MPQ files from Diablo III and other games.

is an archive format developed by Blizzard Entertainment, purposed for storing data files, images, sounds, music and videos for their games.
"Hello my friend. Stay awhile and listen..."


 I like this.. I have one i made myself back in the Diablo 1 days..  With these MPQ prog's you can find SO MUCH secret stuff they didn't include into the game.. Items, Quests, NPC's.. After I went through the D1 disc I was like WTF IS ALL THIS STUFF AT IN THE GAME! LOL! Still.. This will be fun to play around with on Diablo 3.

I can see what you see not,
Vision milky then eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone,
Whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be,
Shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
Cast down into the halls of the blind