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D3 Speedhack Video

Started by eZero, September 30, 2011, 08:58:43 AM

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This vid was released yesterday and it shows what appears to be a working speedhack for D3 beta.

My question is how was this done? Could one of you please give a rough sketch of how this could possibly be done in Diablo 3. Was packet injection used or something?

The reason why I'm asking is because there are a lot of pseudo-intellectuals chiming in on this thread on the forum

I wanted to know who was right.

Thank you very much.


It probably was a glitch caused by frenzy. I think that the skill got buffed, and after the timer ran down to 0 (when the buff charges should dissapear) the character held the speed buffs.


 This is "NOT" speed hack.. If you notice the mouse cursor moves faster as well.. That means the "VIDEO" was sped up.. It is not his char actually moving faster.. Speed hack is certainly possible.. I have done it. However this is not speed hack. Im sure many many ppl have already caught this noob trying to fake a speed hack.

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