2.0 emulator?

Started by imdawe, February 17, 2012, 05:15:22 AM

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Keep up the good work my friend.

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Quote from: imdawe on March 09, 2012, 01:17:50 PM
Authentication Successfull. ^^
First private bnet2 server comming soon :P
Thanks helpfull answers for 1000 readers.

I don't really understand what you refer with bnet2 server there. If you're refering Blizzard Bnet 2.0 platform, mooege (d3) and some catacylsm emulators (wow) can already emulate bnet 2 protocol to some extend (although the data flows is kinda same or similar for blizz games, the form of data differs - like diablo 3 encodes bnet2 protocol traffic within google protocol buffers).

So basically there's nothing a called bnet2 server, it's actually a common protocol that blizzard uses to let sc2, d3 and wow users authenticate to login realms and handle common functionality like cross game messaging. Though again the form of data is not common between their games. Each game take it's on approach.

And even though I appreciate your work, the stuff you trying above is (sc2 bnet2 login emulation) already done before by many inviduals. I've even a piece of small work called battlenger which was able to login official blizzard sc2 servers and authenticate.

Still good luck with your project and keep the work up. I just wanted to clarify a few bits.

and make sure to read these stuff to;


Wow emulators dont use the new 2.0 protocol, they use the old grunt protocol from the older expansions. If you try and login with an email address the new 2.0 protocol will start, if you use a username the old grunt one will run.


there're emulators that can run on bnet2 protocol though they're not as widely used as others.


Good Luck Mate! I hope we finally get a good EMU out. lol ;)


I get some emails how my post is a fake!

For newbies:
5, 1 is the header of characterrequest packet. Well authentication was succesfully full without i get invalid server error.
It was with own beta emu / launcher.

Peace and thank you for your attention.