StarFriend Server Browser (with source)

Started by sYk0, October 10, 2011, 04:39:35 AM

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Hi all,

This is a project I was working on for StarFriend.

Unfortunately I don't have time to work on it, besides other commitments the StarFriend project seems to be going no where.
They (StarFriend) seem to be focusing more on donations than the actual project (my personal opinion).
This is unfortunate as I did donate ($50 USD) to the project (a few months back), but now they are adding advertising to the to program (a pitty).

What StarFriend needs is to be open-source much like Mooege (for Diablo III), you can clearly see how fast Mooege is progressing (having 100's of forks on Github with a good few users contributing to the project).

You are more than welcome to use the source for any of your own projects (private or commercial), just credit me in the about box. :)

Edit: The source is in Delphi/Pascal.