Clan 3oD re-opening (April 2012)

Started by skiD, April 14, 2012, 02:39:35 PM

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Oh hello there Darblizz... Wonderful forums I randomly found googling stuff! I assume some of the people running this are former Starcraft Snipers since there is this specific section! Well Snipers is back! ALOT of former snipers (3oD and other) have been logging back on and bringing some activity

It all started a week ago when I decided to re-open Clan 3oD, remade the channel and with help of some friends started getting into contact with some people... It all happenned very quickly and unexpectedly ALOT of people have come back... Now if there are still some old Snipers in this forum who wants to relive some good old times then comme chill Clan 3oD! We are trying to host as many tournies as possible and all

Hopefully some of you are still around! Peace!