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Started by Myst, June 11, 2009, 08:51:16 AM

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Hello, hmmm a little about my self.....

I reside mainly on USEAST server on the name Myst or Thief.
Other aliases I am known to go on are Myst, MysT_DooM, Thief, and  Pro_Thief
I created many programs for as seen on this site and I just like bots in generally and the different ideas people have/make in the bot development community. 

If you want to find me on bnet I'm usually in
USEAST: Op 0x00, Op W@R, Op FallenArms (Thief, Myst, MysT_DooM)
USWEST: Clan aK (Myst)
Europe: Op GBR (Pro_Thief)
or on IRC #darkblizz