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Started by Myst, July 02, 2009, 04:08:13 PM

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Current Version: BETAr2

Download Here
War3 Hash Files Here

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Description: Dark Requiem is a & IRC portal.  It provides dual communication with your IRC channel and your Channel. It also has the ability to expand your channels, for maintaining communication with 40+ filled channels.

Portal Features:
Current Version:

  • Duel Socket Output on side to prevent flooding
  • Communication Link between IRC Channel & BNET Channel

Currently being developed:

  • Various commands for bot to use from both and IRC side.
  • BNET to BNET communication link.  This will thus extend 40+ filled channels to their counterpart channels, so they can maintain communications even when their channel is full.
  • Client support for SC,War2,D2


Quote from: ChangeLog[BETAr2]
- Fixed LogOn Bug due to 0x54-0x00/0x0E mishap