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Wc3 THT, New bot

Started by de80, August 20, 2009, 06:17:13 PM

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So my idea is a bot that dose all fucntions of a DotA League, would anyone want to make it if so,comment this topic and ill add a shit load of info about it.


I'm too familar with DOTA or War3, but post some more details on what you want done.


Info -

Shared qere muti tabeed and can all work together

8 level's

Head Admin








These are cmds.

(not all details are set, some need explainations or more added)

Noshow - [40 exp] [15 warns] : no timeban at start, but will turn to timebans after certain point

Drop - [20 exp] [10 warns] : no timeban in most cases

Leaver - [50 exp] [20 warns] : More types of bans will be a timeban, but will be a shitlist that can be unbanned when timeban expires. This means they dont have to just wait till their timeban expires to get back in.

Item destroying - Permtimeban, player gets a permban till they appeal, though even if appealed, they can't get back in till timeban is over. If appealed, player then gets warns, maybe xp penalty. If more offences happen then permban.

Flaming - (to other players): (to staff):

Picking banned heros -

spamming - (in game): verbal warning, warns, timebans (in channel): verbal warning, warns, timebans

misreporting(games, ndl) - (games): (ndl):

using start force - i dont know cuz i might remove this part to an extent but can lose bothosting access(separate from host access)

holding up channel - verbal warning, warns, losing access

failure to post ss - permban till appealed atleast, maybe barred from bothosted games, warns

Bothosting Tutorial

In channel
(In channel means they are not whisper commands. These are commands done in bnet channel and do not require the host bot in channel.)
-create [gnt] [tier] [mode]

*Only works if you are the host of the game
*Only works if your last game is still open
*Only works if hostbot is not in a game(if bots in void, thats fine)
*This will host player's last game with GN being exactly same as gamename

*same as rehost/host except, it will host player's last game with GN being exactly same as gamename + "rm" as the end

Player's last game = "DcL101"
-rehost = DcL101 -rm = DcL101rm

In Game Lobby

-end Used for unhosting the bot when need be. This means if there are noshows or something, host does -end and the bot will return to channel so next game can go up. (This isn't a whisper command)

-open [slot number 1-12]

-start Starts the game, 5 second countdown. Everyone must spoof
-open [1-12] Opens a slot, will kick if someone is in it
-close [1-12] Closes a slot, will kick if someone is in it
-swap [1-12] [1-12] swaps 2 specified slot numbers

In game

-latency [75-150]

-kick [name] Kicks the player from game

New Bot Stuff
(Many new things and changes) **(NA) = Not Available at this time

*DcL and Dci channels will be able to be used
*6 sets of access
*bothosting access is different than hosting access
*member/smember/veteran are rank accesses and they have nothing to do with bothost/host access
*many more commands will be able to be used by lower access people
*many more blocks for players/staff
*anti ninja confirm timer
*some info from from site will be able to be accessed through the bot
*some of the member filtering will also soon be able to be filtered through these bots
*all rule info will be able to be found through the bots (prob wont be on right away, but soon after)
*mode is recorded
*many more commands are whispered back and many commands will be given the same form as warn and ms commands currently are. this means that many commands by themselves will whisper back, but if you add s before it like swarninfo, it will then show it in channel.
*the person who promotes someone is recorded as well as whoever gives someone a hosttype access
*ban/unban restrictions
*When you leave channel, person signs out of game
*create/rm/rehost can not be used when bothosting is disabled
*if game is a lc game, then rm/rehost won't work as well
*reg bans are added to mode automatically

(some might be wrong still as i edit old commands and add new ones)

Information Commands (Commands can be whispered)
-help --------------------------------------------------------------------
-site --------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays Website info
-vent -------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays Ventrilo info
-regbans ---------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current default bans
-modebans -------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current mode bans/restrictions (NA)
-vouchers --------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current Vouchers
-fmods ------------------------------------------------------------------ Displays current ForumMods
-jmods ------------------------------------------------------------------ Displays current JModerators (prob removing to combine with -mods)
-mods ------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current Moderators
-gmods ------------------------------------------------------------------ Displays current Global Moderators
-admins ----------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current Admins
-listcmds [access level] ------------------------------------------------ Displays list of commands that the access level can use

Member Access
-sign -------------------------------------------------------------------- Signs you into a game
-out --------------------------------------------------------------------- Signs you out of a game(if you leave channel, you sign out as well)
-stats/me --------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays your own stats (cannot stats others)
-end draw -------------------------------------------------------------- Ends your last played game as a draw
-end sentinel ----------------------------------------------------------- Ends your last played game as a Sentinel Win
-end scourge ----------------------------------------------------------- Ends your last played game as a Scourge Win
-games ----------------------------------------------------------------- Shows what games are currently in progress or starting
-unbanme -------------------------------------------------------------- Temporarily unbans you so you can get into the channel (/w -unbanme) (won't work if time-banned or perm-banned)
-notify ------------------------------------------------------------------ Notifys you of next game that is created
-unnotify --------------------------------------------------------------- Removes you from Notify list

-msg [name] [message] ---------------------------------------------- Sends mail to specified person (Person must be in database) (Please use responsibly. Do not abuse or I will change to SMember Access. Mail Abuse is warnable/bannable)
-inbox ------------------------------------------------------------------- Checks your Inbox (Gives you mail IDs) (Bot will whisper if you have mail when you enter channel)
-read [# of ID] --------------------------------------------------------- Whispers mail and its info back to you (Does not delete the mail)
-delmail [# of ID] ------------------------------------------------------ Deletes specified mail
-delmail all -------------------------------------------------------------- Deletes all of your mail

-whoami ---------------------------------------------------------------- Gets player access info/promoter info

-checkstate/cs --------------------------------------------------------- Will tell you if you are in a game(and which), not in a game, signed, or forbidded

-clearstate -------------------------------------------------------------- (Later use will be allowed)
(will change a players state to not in a game, should only be used in certain cases)

Smember Access

-lastgame --------------------------------------------------------------- Gets player's last game (can only see your own)

-recentgames ---------------------------------------------------------- Gets player's last 10 games (can only see your own)

-top ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Gets top 3 players of the league

-bottom ----------------------------------------------------------------- Gets bottom 3 players of the league

-notifylist/nlist ---------------------------------------------------------- Shows names of people on notify list

-mostgames ------------------------------------------------------------ Gets top 10 players who have the most games

Veteran Access

-compare [name1] [name2] ----------------------------------------- Compares stats and etc of 2 players

-ndl --------------------------------------------------------------------- Gets players noshow/drop/leaver percentages (can only see your own) (NA)

-inforecentgames ------------------------------------------------------ Same as recentgames, but shows whether each game was a loss, draw, or win (NA)

-stats [playername] --------------------------------------------------- Displays a user's stats

Basic Bothosting/Host Access

-create [2v2/3v3/5v5] [tier] [mode] -------------------- Creates a game using the Host Bot

-hostcreate [2v2/3v3/5v5] [tier] [mode] --------------- Creates a game using your LC host

-mode [modetype] ---------------------------------------- Default is set to -rd(creates) -cm(challenges). Use modetype to specify bans as well, e.g. -mode rd no lycan.

-tier [tierwanted] ------------------------------------------ Shows what the current tier needed is to sign into game if just -tier is used or else host can change what tier the game is by adding a value

-confirm ---------------------------------------------------- Will confirm your game once enough people have signed

-extend ----------------------------------------------------- Sets timer for game creation abort, to 120 seconds (Do not abuse this)

-abort ------------------------------------------------------- Will abort your game

-teams ------------------------------------------------------ Will display the match's team roster

-players/-pool ---------------------------------------------- Shows the players signed into your game

-expplayers/-exppool -------------------------------------- Same as pool, but shows exp for all players

-tierpool/-tpool --------------------------------------------- Same as exppool, but for tiers

-lastgame/lg --------------------------------------------------- Displays what your lastgame played was

-info [gamename] ------------------------------------------ Display game information

-forbid [player] ---------------------------------------------- Removes a player from the pool and keeps them from signing again

-unforbid [player] ------------------------------------------- Removes a player from the forbid list (NA)

-kick [player] ------------------------------------------------ Removes a player from the pool

-forbidlist/flist ------------------------------------------------ Shows players on forbid list

Captain Bothosting/Host Access

-challenge [playername] ----------------------------------- Challenges a player in the channel

-accept ------------------------------------------------------- Accepts a challenge and allows players to sign into your game

-dodge ------------------------------------------------------- Avoids the challenge

-ready ------------------------------------------------------- Both captains must use this command once 10 players are signed into to start picking teams

-pick [playername] ----------------------------------------- Picks a player. Must be in the pool. Note that you can use a part of their name, e.g. -pick vinth would pick "Vinthian"

Inhouse Commands

Inhouse Host Commands:


Inhouse Commands:

-Ihme -------------------------------------------------------
-Ihstats [player] -------------------------------------------
-Ihcompare [player1] [player2] -------------------------
-Ihtop ------------------------------------------------------
  • --------------------------------------------------
    -Ihtop5 -----------------------------------------------------
    -Ihtop10 ---------------------------------------------------
    -Ihbottom -------------------------------------------------
  • ---------------------------------------------
    -Ihrecentgames [player] --------------------------------- (NA)
    -Ihmostgames --------------------------------------------

    Voucher Access

    TrialVoucher Access

    -vouch [player] ---------------------------------------------

    -vouchinfo/vinfo [player1] [player2] [...] ----------------

    -unvouch [player] ------------------------------------------

    -vouchcount/vcount [voucher] ----------------------------

    -vouchlist/vlist [voucher] ----------------------------------

    -voucherinfo [voucher] ------------------------------------

    -vouchrating [voucher] ------------------------------------ (NA)

    FullVoucher Access

    -badplaywarn [player] [amount] [reason] --------------- (NA)

    Admin Vouch Access

    -clanvouch [player] ----------------------------------------

    -setvouchstatus/svs [player] [vouchstatus] --------------

    -getusers --------------------------------------------------- Shows a list of all players in channel and displays whether they are vouched by showing DcL or Dci (NA)

    JModerator Access

    -kick [player] [reason] ---------------------------------- Kicks a person from the channel

    -ban [player] [reason] ----------------------------------- Bans a person from the channel (Temp ban)

    -unban [player] ------------------------------------------- Unbans someone from the channel (Does not remove a shitlist/timeban, its just a simple unban)

    -ikick/kickafk/ka ------------------------------------------ Kicks all people who have been afk for 5+ min (DcL/Dci names excluded and above Jmods excluded)

    -ikick5/kickafk5/ka5 --------------------------------------- Same as ikick, but only kicks 5 players

    -modabort -------------------------------------------------- Aborts games (create games)

    -moddodge ------------------------------------------------- Aborts games (challenge games) (only works at certain times, before accept or picks start)

    -cancelgame/closegame/cg [gamename] --------------- It can cancel a game if it is in progress (Game needs to be open)

    -modreport/mr [gamename] [sentinel/scourge] ------- Will report the game if it hasn't been reported yet (Game needs to be open)

    -whois [name] ---------------------------------------------- Gets player access info/promoter info/hosting info/clan tag/ping/inactive or not/voucher/voucher access

    -checkstate/cs [name] ------------------------------------ Will tell if a player is ladderbanned, in game and which, if signed and in which, or not in a game

    -clearstate [name] ---------------------------------------- Will change a players state to not in a game, should only be used in certain cases

    Hosting Ranks
    *None >>> *Basic(Creates) >>> *Captain(Challenges)

    -givebot/gb [name] ---------------------------------------- Adds bothost access to a player

    -rembot/rb [name] ---------------------------------------- Removes bothost access from a player

    -givehost/gh [name] --------------------------------------- Adds host access to a player

    -remhost/rh [name] --------------------------------------- Removes host access from a player

    -infogames ------------------------------------------------- Shows info on all games currently in progress (GNT, hosttype, and host) (NA)

    -warninfo/winfo [player] ---------------------------------- Shows warninfo of each warn offense on a player (total warn%, warn amount for each offense, date, staff who warned) If staff is gmod or above, it will also show warn ID.
    [ -warninfo/winfo (whispers back info) -swarninfo/swinfo (displays info in channel) ]

    -baninfo/shitinfo [name] [name2] [...] ------------------

    -botstatus --------------------------------------------------- Displays whether bothosting is enabled/disabled

    -aoestatus --------------------------------------------------- Gives current AOE(action on enter)

    -atstatus -----------------------------------------------------

    -crstatus ---------------------------------------------------- Displays whether challenge restrictions is on/off and what the CR restrictions are

    -ihstatus ---------------------------------------------------- Displays whether InHouse functions are enabled

    -ikstatus ----------------------------------------------------

    -setik -------------------------------------------------------

    -capstatus -------------------------------------------------- Displays whether Captain games can be played in the channel

    -cmdstatus ------------------------------------------------- Displays whether commands are on/off. When commands are off, only mods can use commands

    -setcmds [on/off] ------------------------------------------ When cmds are off, only mods can do commands

    -memberinfo/meminfo/ms [name] ----------------------- Whispers memberinfo about a player
    -smemberinfo/smeminfo/sms [name] -------------------- Displays memberinfo about a player in channel

    -getafkusers ----------------------------------------------- (NA)

    -recentgames [playername] ------------------------------ shows the last 10 games a player has played

    -inforecentgames [name] -------------------------------- (NA)

    -modnoshow [playername] [gamename] ---------------

    -moddrop [playername] [gamename] -------------------

    -modleaver [playername] [gamename] ----------------

    Each Report has its own case:
    Example: Open case: R1(O) Closed case: R2
    You will see these when you info a game, they will show up at the end. Example: [R1(O) R2]
    (generates a log of every ndl reported, as well as keeps track who reported what in case some player wants wants to try to abuse)

    Noshow = 40 exp -- 15% warns
    Drop = 20 exp -- 10% warns
    Leaver = 50 exp -- 20% warns

    -reportinfo/rinfo/ri [reportnumber] -------------------- Displays NDL report info from a report case (Whispers back)
    -sreportinfo/srinfo/sri [reportnumber] ----------------- Displays NDL report info from a report case (Displays in channel)

    -modextend -------------------------------------------------- Sets timer for game creation abort, to 120 seconds

    Timeban Commands
    -timeban/tban [name] [time] [reason] -------------------- Timebans a player for set amount of time (Ban is a global)
    time format
    *m/# : result is # of minutes
    *d/# : result is # of days
    *h/# : result is # of hours
    *s/# : result is # of seconds
    Duration notations are: s,m,h,d timeban example: -timeban Vithian d/7 cuz he fails (if no notation is given, then time is in minutes(NA))

    -untimeban/untban [name] --------------------------------- Removes a players timeban

    -shitadd/-shitlist/permban [playername] [bangroup] [reason] ------------------------ Shitlists a player for selected bangroup
    0 = Global
    1 = OpenChan
    2 = IHChan
    3 = OpenGames
    4 = IHGames
    5 = OpenAll
    6 = IHAll
    *This isn't fully completed


More -

Quote-shitdel [player] -------------------------------------------------------------- Removes a player from the shitlist

Moderator Access

*Member >>> *SMember >>> *Veteran >>> Staff RankGroups
-promote [player] ------------------------------------------ Promotes a user's rank access

-demote [player] ------------------------------------------- Demotes a user's rank access

-bothost on/off ---------------------------------------------- Turns bothosted games on/off
(when bothosting is off, if -create is used, it will then tell ppl to use -hostcreate/-hostchallenge)

-setwarns [player] [new amount] ------------------------- Sets a players warn amount to new value (Does not remove warninfo)

-set5v5account [name] [5v5wins] [5v5losses] ---------- Sets a player's 5v5 wins/losses to selected values

-set4v4account [name] [4v4wins] [4v4losses] ---------- Sets a player's 4v4 wins/losses to selected values

-set3v3account [name] [3v3wins] [3v3losses] ---------- Sets a player's 3v3 wins/losses to selected values

-set2v2account [name] [2v2wins] [2v2losses] ---------- Sets a player's 2v2 wins/losses to selected values

-setexp [name] [experience] ------------------------------ Sets a player's experience to selected value

-setih5v5account [name] [5v5wins] [5v5losses] ---------- Sets a player's IH 5v5 wins/losses to selected values

-setih4v4account [name] [4v4wins] [4v4losses] ---------- Sets a player's IH 4v4 wins/losses to selected values

-setih3v3account [name] [3v3wins] [3v3losses] ---------- Sets a player's IH 3v3 wins/losses to selected values

-setih2v2account [name] [2v2wins] [2v2losses] ---------- Sets a player's IH 2v2 wins/losses to selected values

-setihexp [name] [experience] ------------------------------ Sets a player's IH experience to selected value

-setwarns [name] [amount] ------------------------------- Sets a player's warn amount to selected value

-setndl [name] [noshows] [drops] [leavers] ------------- Sets a player's noshow, drop, and leaver records to selected values

-penalty [player] [amount] [reason] ---------------------- Subtracts EXP

-refund [player] [amount] [reason] ----------------------- Adds EXP

-nullgame/ng [gamename] ------------------------------------------------------ Nullifies XP/stats change of a game (Game can be open/closed)

-fixdraw [gamename] [winning team] ----------------------------------------- Change result as a win to the winning team. (Game needs to be closed)

-addmember [name] ------------------------------------------------------------- Adds a user to the member database as a bypass user (Bot will update them to valid when they become valid)

-setmemberstatus/setms [name] [status] ------------------------------------- Changes a member's status to selected state
0 = Non-Existant
1 = Valid
2 = Validating
3 = Delay Period (Not used atm)
4 = Invalid-Account
5 = Multi
6 = Site-Banned (Not used atm)
7 = InActive
8 = ByPass

-setmemberhold/setmh [name] [open/locked] ------------------------------ When a member account is locked, site update won't change member's status on bot

Global Moderator Access

-adduser [name] ---------------------------------------------------------------- Adds user to the user database (DcL or Open DB) (Users will be added when they sign for games as well)

-setaccesshold/setah [player] [open/locked] --------------------------------- When a user account is locked, the user's rank access, bothost access, and host access can not be changed

-penaltyinfo/peninfo [playername] --------------------------------------------- Displays a player's penalties and refunds

-ladderban [playername] ------------------------------------------------------- Removes players from stats and rankings. Disables their ability to -sign games

-ladderunban [playername] ---------------------------------------------------- Removes a player's ladderban

-setcr [on/off] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Turns captain games restrictions on/off

-setaoe [ban/kick/nothing] ----------------------------------------------------- Changes action on enter to either ban, kick, or nothing

-setih [on/off] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Enables/Disables InHouse functions

-setihaoe [vouched/tier/off] --------------------------------------------------- Changes IH action on enter to either vouched, tier, or nothing. This is added along with the regular Aoe, but then this can add a vouch only or tier requirement as well. (For Dci or IH Channel)

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sets the tier requirement for IHAoe

    -ihaoestatus ---------------------------------------------------------------------

    -setcap [on/off] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Enables/Disables Captains games

    Admin Access

    -namechange [oldplayername] [newplayername] --------------------------- Transfer a player's stats from old name to new name

    -Sodstatus ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays current settings smd(which is on/off atm)

    -Setsod on/off ------------------------------------------------------------------- Turns SOD on or off

    -ladderdelete [name] ----------------------------------------------------------- Removes a player's ladder account completely

    -ihladderdelete [name] --------------------------------------------------------- (NA)

    -memberdelete [name] -------------------------------------------------------- Removes a player's member account completely

    -rgstatus ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays RealmGroup status

    -setrg [east/west] --------------------------------------------------------------- Changes RealmGroup to selected Realm

    -cgstatus ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Displays ChannelGroup status

    -setcg [DcL/Dci] ---------------------------------------------------------------- Changes ChannelGroup to selected Channel

    -givevouchaccess/gva [name] ------------------------------------------------- Adds vouch access to a player

    -remvouchaccess/rva [name] ------------------------------------------------- Removes vouch access from a player

    -setteam [on/off] ----------------------------------------------------------------

    -teamstatus ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Commands from mod section to move and edit in
    (Commands in this section are old, they might not work, they were with older version and might have changed, so dont look for these as viable commands)

    [For Mods/Staff]

    Warn Commands
    -warn [name] [amount] [reason]
    -reducewarn/removewarn/remwarn [name] [amount] [reason]
    *reduces player's amout of warns by amount selected

    -unwarn [name] (gmod or higher cmd)
    *reduces player's amount of warns to 0%

    Gmod-Admin cmds

    -forcedodge (NA)
    *should abort a cap game, no matter if picks are even going)

    Debug Commands

    *no matter what state game creation, or what type fo game is going, this would/should change state to where a game is not being made


Seems like you copy & pasted something from somewhere....Why don't you explain in your own words what you exactly want done.


Before i do i just want to know if you will make it because it will take me 1-2 hour's to write it out, those are just cmd's, and yes for DcL bot witch i have right's to.


At this time no, I wouldn't make it, due to other priorities and projects that are at the top of my list.  But I'll take a look into War3 Game packets and see whats up in that arena of things.


I also wanted to post about something like this.
Is it possible to make a script for one of the channel bots posted on this forum, that can hold a league?
The is such a script for Stealthbot if you guys are familiar with it, that works as a plugin but is very bugged becouse its creator only released  a part of the code wanting to actually sell it for a lot of money. The script is called Suicide's dota league bot.

By script for one of the bots here, i mean something pretty simple. I need it for PVPGN servers btw.
The functions would be :

1. Channel protection (as a channel operator, the bot kicks off the channel all the users that arent vouched in its database)
2. Keep track of the vouched users by using a database storage method (txt file,mysql, you name it)
3. Store the members scores and show a ladder when specifically requested by command.

Commands :

Admins :
- Vouch <username>
- unvouch <username>
- warn <username> <Reason : Leave/flame/cheat>
-removewarn <username> (Leave/flame/cheat are an array to save the reason of the wards)
-ban <username>
-unban <username>
-ladderdelete <username>
-Promote <username> <Rank : member/host/captain/voucher/administrator> (these are command groups that are given to the specific users, member is given by default upon vouch)
-demote <username > <Rank : same as above>
-forceresult <game name> <Result: Sentinel/Scourge/ Draw>
-deletegame <game name> <reason : whatever reason the admin wants>

Voucher :

-Same as Captain, yet its allowed to vouch people and promote them up to captain.
Commands :
vouch <username>
promote <username> <Rank>
demote <username> <rank>

Captain :

-Same as Host, yet its allowed to Challenge other people.
     -Challenge <username(must also be captain)>
     - teams
Host :
- Regular member that has the .startgame command.

-Member : Regular member.

Global commands (every user can use them as long as its vouched):
stats <username>
warninfo <username>
warn <username> (vote system, upon a minimum of 6 warns in a single game, the warned user gets a 2 hour ban)

The command trigger can be "!" or "." or "-" .

I would love to get such a script for a bot that is stable. I would apreciate it a lot and provide advertising through the bot to its creator.