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Starcraft 2 Bot?

Started by Reelix, March 12, 2010, 04:42:59 AM

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How about a bot that executes our own version of Galaxy Script to play for us?

Lets coders have some fun, pwning players whilst just watching, knowing that the PC can execute commands insanely faster and more accurately than any human player :)


so let me get this straight. you have a beta key, and you want to grief players with a bot during the BETA, even though it may cause blizzard to get rid of your beta key?


Starcraft 2 Bots are definantly in the future.  Similar to those of 1.0.  In the same sense as in Chat Bots.  But IM based since there isn't any chat rooms yet.   There is good progress on client side authentication remote from the actual game client.  So things are looking good.


There is no point documenting and researching the BETA authentication, the more we know the more likely will change things. Even though they probably would like to avoid further work.