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Started by Myst, March 10, 2008, 10:10:34 PM

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Old project that I'm trying to complete again.

Description: Program which hosts a map and allows others to download it.  Map Promotor programs intent was for Map Makers
so they wouldn't have to create games themseleves using the client for others to
download there maps.

This is what it looked like in developmental stages.   Those textboxs and Listviews wont be like that on the layout in public release of course.

Map Promoter Image
Map Promoter + Config


could be very useful


when is this going to release the download for this program ?


Im still working on this project


make sure when your making it when the bot hosts a game and others can join in and 1 more thing add the refreshing the game makes the game list at the top of the game. It would be great that sum1 can program a bot that can have 2gb connection with a great upload speed so when everyone joins the game everyone is downloading the map. So it doesn't need to take turns and wait for the other person to finish downloading the map.

What is a Auto Refresher ?
- Auto Refresher is a tool that can refresh the game that can put the game at the top of the game.
Example Screenshots: (images and description about autorefresher download minor)

-Auto-refresher only works for the host that hosted the game.

-By Auto-refreshing the game, more people can see your game and join it.

- Instead of doing it manual open and close the slot.

- If your map isn't popular u can make a download only game for people to download it.

I was wondering if this can be done by adding a auto refresher because WarCraft 3 TFT has that tool and Starcraft brood war doesn't it would be great if StarCraft brood war have it added on it to make a download only game. (for people to download new maps etc.)

Here's the WarCraft 3 Autorefresher

thanks for reading :D


When is this going to be released ?


You have to understand that I have other real life responsibilities in my life that take precedent over bnet related matters....    So I'm sorry if I don't update/release progs as frequently as others, but other shit in my life gets in the way.... however map promoter will be out sometime in summer/ late spring 2009.   
Thx for sticking with us.



i just wanted ask, hows the work going? Or did you abandon this Project? If you didn't, will there be the possibility to give the Bot some If xy Send msg xy? Also do you think, it would be possible to give the Bot the Ability to start the game? This would be very usefull! I think i recently saw a few such Bots on  but i couldn't find a Source for them. Do you know anything related to them?


Hi, nah I didn't abandon the project, I've just been busy in my life that all these projects are in the backseat at the moment.  But yes it is possible to do whatever you mentioned.  And I think the bot that you are thinking of is called Ghost++ which is a War3 Host Bot.   But anyways, I have been working on a Starcraft Game Host Bot, but won't actually get to work on it with more focus until I get some actual free time.


I know SC2 is going to be released soon and this Tool Proly is very low at the Priority list.
Nevertheless im still looking forward for this  :)

Btw. I've read about Tarsonis, ist it the "remake" of the Map Promoter?


Yes pretty much, it's what I've learned from making Map Promoter and continuing on that.  Hopefully I can get some motivation to work on this project again ;)