Still in Development, Got Suggestions? Post Here

Started by Myst, June 08, 2009, 11:04:11 PM

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Its still in early development, but a BETA release could be as soon as tomorrow.
Here are some Screenshots: (Newer Screenshots in "Download Thread")
Basic GUI
In Action

As you can see, its still in early development, but the core/concept of the bot is pretty much done.

So any features you guys/gals would like? Commands? etc..


Thinking more about "Linking Communications" between channels. I'm going to make the bot have the options to also link not only Bnet to IRC but Bnet to Bnet.

i.e have lets say your channel Clan 2xx was always full and had so many people in it.  Why not just make another channel like Op (2xx) and put the Portal in both of them.
Thus linking both channels as one.  So you won't miss anything when theres 40 people in your channel.

Just one of the ideas I had.. Anyone else got any?


Well I added it so now it can be BNET to BNET.  This will "extend" channels thus providing communication for 40+ filled channels with their counterpart channel.


A BETA should be released by tonight.  Just added a duel socket firing on the BNET side of things to prevent flooding.

Thanks to #bhdev & Op GBR for being my testing grounds :P


how do i do the extend bnet channel thing? i dont know how to put one bot in 1 channel and the other one in another???


i didn't release that version which supports bnet to bnet (which would extend the channel) , right now its just irc to bnet.