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Started by Ancagalon, November 26, 2009, 08:02:28 AM

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i m a euro player in clan tna & hotj(chief)
i got fews ghost and stealthbot running on a server
my akka is ancagalon u can find me on east or euro
looking for a working ifabot or dark requiem bot (badly want it)
i m working on a website gaming community
with bots conected to the website
dota stats ( done)
general stats ( other map) (done)
team speak server (done)
cs server ( still wondering)
phpbb3 forums (done)
irc channel ( soon as i get dark or ifa  :) )
available: december 2009


Hey welcome to the site, goodluck with all your projects!  If you have suggestions for Dark Requiem please let us know in the Suggestion Topic in Dark Requiem's Thread.


if i can help by suppporting or testing ur project or giving some idea i will


heya, welcome to the forum