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Started by Myst, January 21, 2010, 01:54:03 AM

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Tarsonis is a hosting bot, which allows you to host Starcraft games remotely and clientlessly. For about 4 years now (You can see the research in our research section) I've been on and off again researching SC UDP, which is the recipe for Tarsonis.  A lot of the research has been put into some of the other bots already on this site. 
So little by little, when my motivation gets at a high level, progress is made, and Tarsonis sees a little more light at the end of the tunnel. 

I'll post up some screenshots later and keep everyone posted about this project. 


Now if you make it so it has basic channel/chat functions with the game hosting that in my opinion would make it all the better.
"No man no problems..."


My half-year-notification that im still looking forward for this  ;D

Btw. do you know a way to bypass the Uploadspeed Limit? It also would help me alot.


What is the Starcraft Upload Speed Limit you speak of?


I got some ideas about it, but i'm really not sure. So I can't explain how it works, or whats the reason for it.

What im talking about is the time it takes to "Upload" a Map to someone else through It's way slower then the acutall "Connection Upload Limit". So there must be something limiting the Upload. Nowadays youre often forced (due the lack of players) to play with people all over the world. The more far they live, the more slow it gets. Uploading a Map with ~500KB to a single Player can then take up to 5 Minutes or more.

I told you (as Kenja, passwort restoration didnt work) already about the Bot i saw once at SC It wasn't WC3, also not GHost i guess. From what i know now, it's been some recorded Macros (the only "SC hosting Bot" i could find). The reason i tell you about this, is because this "bot" also had a really fast Upload compared to the normal one. He hosted a 1.3 MB map which downloaded in less then 1 minute, max 2. If i remember right, he also could upload simultaneous to more then 1 people (though speed went a bit down).

So i think there must be a way to bypass the "Map Upload Speed Limit" from SCBW.


Probably by forcing others in the game to also upload to the given player. That is possible.