Chewbot 2.0a8

Started by Mesiah, February 14, 2010, 06:03:37 PM

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Chewbot 2.0a7 & 8 work great with flux. SS:

To get this working properly, you need to configure chewbot the following way:
-Make sure you link to current hash files (exe, snp, dll) in the chewbot.ini
-Make sure you use the same product as flux will be using.
-Make sure you include the current Verbyte in chewbot.ini
-Make sure you set the name, password, and cdkey you're going to use in chewbot.ini
-Make sure flux 2.0 beta has current hash files of its own (exe, snp, dll, BIN)
-Make sure flux 2.0 override=0, and make sure the hashes in the flux directory are the SAME PRODUCT AS CHEWBOT IS CONFIGURED TO
-Make sure chewbot is connecing to or localhost
-Make sure flux 2.0 is connecting to

And thats it! Your chewbot is ready to run as it was meant to :)


nvm figured out what was going wrong.. nice program.. nice tut.. just a shame ultimate wont connect for me :P

considering how much help i got last time i wont even ask... Hard to make bots work ive never used once :)