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Started by Myst, April 01, 2008, 06:11:11 PM

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Current Version: Public Beta
Download Here:
Gremlin without Hash Files

Additional ScreenShots:
ScreenShot of the GUI
ScreenShot of the game list
ScreenShot of bots
ScreenShot of bots again
ScreenShot of someone using Gremlin to Advertise

Description:  Program will create games that will show on the Game List.  Can be used for things like advertising clans or w/e or just to annoy someone. 


Quote from: ChangeLog
Updated support for 0x5e(SC Warden)

-Added a BNLS Timeout function, now switches servers if a BNLS server being used isn't responding within 15secs.
-Now Minimizes to Tray
-Created new Close & Minimize buttons
-Edited ReadMe slightly, added info for WGT Icon

-Updated support for 0x5e(SC Warden) for current Starcraft v1.16.1.1

-Fixed bug where it would only make one type of game