cannot create the channel

Started by Tiko, February 21, 2010, 01:00:05 PM

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  Server =
  [Bot 1] Connecting...
  [Bot 1] Connected
  [Bot 1] Logging On..
  [Bot 1] Logged On.
  [Bot 2] Connecting...
  [Bot 2] Connected
  [Bot 2] Logging On..
  [Bot 2] Logged On.
  [Bot 3] Connecting...
  [Bot 3] Connected
  [Bot 3] Logging On..
  [Bot 3] Logged On.
  [Bot 4] Connecting...
  [Bot 4] Connected
  [Bot 4] Logging On..
  [Bot 4] Logged On.
  [Bot 5] Connecting...
  [Bot 5] Connected
  [Bot 5] Logging On..
  [Bot 5] Logged On.
  [Bot 6] Connecting...
  [Bot 6] Connected
  [Bot 6] Logging On..
  [Bot 6] Logged On.
  [Bot 7] Connecting...
  [Bot 7] Connected
  [Bot 7] Logging On..
  [Bot 7] Logged On.
  [Bot 8] Connecting to
  [Bot 8] Initial Proxy Connection Established
  [Bot 8] Proxy/Bnet Handshake Good
  [Bot 8] Logging On..
  [Bot 8] Logged On.
  [Bot 9] Connecting to
  [Bot 9] Initial Proxy Connection Established
  [Bot 9] Proxy/Bnet Handshake Good
  [Bot 9] Logging On..
  [Bot 9] Logged On.
  [Bot 10] Connecting to
  [Bot 10] Initial Proxy Connection Established
  [Bot 10] Proxy/Bnet Handshake Good
  [Bot 10] Logging On..
  [Bot 10] Logged On.
  All Bots Connected
  That Channel is still Available.
  Sending 0x71
  All Invites Sent

then its sits there for ever. i did just disban last night so... help plz.




I tried to create a channel and it didnt work. So I tried again a few min later and it told me

that eighter I didn't wait the required time before sending invites again or a key is clanned.

It didn't give me any names for trouble makers. I dont have that response copied so I can't

paste, but do you know about any sort of "wait time" required before i can send invites again?