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Started by Zoxc, March 01, 2010, 05:28:55 PM

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wah... and i thought the launcher was updated...  :-[ are you by some chance using post patch 11 version of the game and is trying to play against 2 or more opponents and using green tea 0.4, starcrack 7.0, and other pre patch 11 ai??

you need to turn off the plug ins. on the launcher click Advanced and then select both of the plug ins and click Disable. then click Free For All. and update your ai. starcrack doesnt work for this launcher. try green tea, its very challenging.

at least for me that works for patch 16. not a troll here, there is patch 16 but not stated in the patch notes cause its a minor bug fix. thats what i know of that error.


Hello people.
Can anyone help me with the problem?
Just downloaded  the launcher from first post.
Add 2 maps into Launcher's "Maps" folder.
Started launcher - pressed "Map" button and observed an empty screen.

I tried several maps - non of them appeared in list.
Can anyone help me with problem?


This launcher was stopped from development log time ago. Try this launcher:
It should work with released version, like title says. I didn't try it because I have retail now, but in Phase 2 it was the only available launcher.



when i open the source code of this launcher, there is an error says that some .dcu and .res files are missing. im using delphi 7. do i need to upgrade to the latest version of delphi or is there really some files missing at its source code?


You can see in bug meeseges name of files & try find thise file... If not faund thise file realy lost...

Maybe it's StormLib???



i search for those missing files but they dont really exist in the source code.
maybe the launcher is using sfmpq.dll than StormLib. i dont know more about it yet. haha.


i cant click on anything except exit what do i do? i already DL Shanghai Nights idk what to do help