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Site News / Re: SC2 Lan on the Horizon!
« on: December 19, 2010, 02:07:21 PM »
Hell , It's about TIME! :jig: :jig: :jig: :jig:

SC2 Tools / Re: What is this Starcraft II beta LAN emulator?
« on: August 25, 2010, 03:36:06 AM »
this seems legit , i didn't got the chance to test it but from my point of view its ok , it has a client side and a server side , and each pleayer can pick his own race ..

the video is fake , that is the beta installer and 7 gb of archived software doesn't install in 2 minutes

the pics are from the ui 1 mpq

yea , i don't think that somebody could decrypt the files without the keys from blizzard , at least not until game launches

You don't seem to get it. The Auth key will be required just to allow the game install and therefor will be public. The game key(that you will receive within your game's box) has nothing to do with it.

i know the difference between the auth key that will install the game and the cd key that will activate the game , i was meaning that to decrypt the mpq files you need  the auth key that will be delivered by blizzard on 27 and the installer will make use of it automaticaly or put in manualy by the user

yea , i don't think that somebody could decrypt the files without the keys from blizzard , at least not until game launches

i am sorry that didn't camed out right here is a screnshot

What I've figured out:
-using wireshark I've figured that Installer is trying to get file /static/mediakey/sc2-authenticationcode-enGB.txt from eu.battle.net or dist.blizzard.com.edgesuite.net. In it you have something like MSG:27/07/2010
-I edited windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file to reflect: dist.blizzard.com.edgesuite.net eu.battle.net
-I run apache and creted in its server root, corresponding directories static -> mediakey
-I created text file sc2-authenticationcode-enGB.txt and put in it: KEY:A9CAEFD3A5DD49B5C3DBEB7DBC2565A
-the key syntax is like 22222-222222-22222-22222-222222-22222 etc.
-I've found second installer in Documents and settings/user/Local settings/Temp/ Blizzard Installer Temporary Data - xxxxxxx
-messing with installer xml files got me to the install screen, but it keeps popping up 108 error.
the same error occurs when you don't edit any fle and just put random code in TXT file I've mentioned above.

yo bro maybe this helps

Modify   hosts    tw.battle.net   tw.battle.net
To your local.
static\mediakey\sc2-authenticationcode-zhTW.txt到  你的本机http
static \ mediakey \ sc2-authenticationcode-zhTW.txt to   your local http

0044CE0F  |.  83BC24   880000>cmp     dword ptr [esp+88], 3
0044CE0F |. 83BC24   880000> cmp dword ptr [esp +88], 3

0044D041  |.  E8   BAC0FFFF   call    00449100
0044D041 |. E8 BAC0FFFF call   00449100
0044D046  |.  84C0          test    al, al
   0044D046 |. 84C0 test al, al
0044D048  |.  0F84   24020000 je      0044D272
0044D048 |. 0F84 24020000 je 0044D272   

0044CDDD  |.  E8   AE30FEFF   call    0042FE90 进key
0044CDDD |. E8 AE30FEFF call   0042FE90 into the key

0044B2E1     /7F 25         jg      short   0044B308
0044B2E1 / 7F 25 jg short 0044B308


0044B2C6   .  837C24 2C 10  cmp     dword ptr   [esp+2C], 10
0044B2C6. 837C24 2C 10 cmp dword ptr [esp +2 C], 10   
最后附送几个  断点,大家玩的愉快哈,补丁就不出了
Finally comes with several breakpoints, you   play happy and Kazakhstan, the patch is not out

ai primit msg ? si site-u asta deabia se misca frate  :bangshead: :bangshead: :bangshead:

ti-am dat buzz pe yahoo , uricanezu e id ti-am trimis si un reply la mail

nu mai ma tine in tensiune :D , apropo de unde esti ?

night , te rog din suflet  bro  :cheers: :cheers:

ce zici ? batem palma ?:) alta sansa nu mai am.. si ce se face preorder am vazut dau numai pe us si oricum nu trimit in ro

sincer cred ca is toba de sc2 dupa cate videouri am vazut pe youtube :) )

da ma descurc , joc de vreo 7 ani sc1 , am jucat si pe robattle dar acoolo jucau aia mai mult fast si nu imi placea

iti iau eu o bere fratioare numa da-mi cheia ca innebunesc :D de 2 luni tot caut pe la toate siteurile si concursurile :D hai fii patriot :)

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