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This is a modified version based on Esper's StarLauncher v0.41.

Known problems:
1. AI won't work in some maps (currently known: Blistering Sands and Scrap Station)
2. Game displays 'Replay Desync' while watching replays in some circumstances, possible reasons:
  AI mod currently selected not matches the AI mod used for the replay
  Team and/or alliance options not match

Fixed the issue regarding program launch failure due to MSVCR90.dll is missing

Fixed the bug regarding alliance settings were not loaded properly
Fixed the start location mark position

Fixed the bug regarding map settings were not loaded properly
Fixed the bug regarding start location selection has no effect
Added start location marks on map thumbnail (position is not very exact yet)
Enabled team and alliance options for replays (some not work replays might work if AI, team and alliance options match)
Moved log file from <GamePath>\Support\SC2Launcher.log to <LauncherPath>\SC2Launcher.log (feel free to delete the old log file)

v1.34a updates:
Fixed a bug regarding program launch failure under Windows XP or below.
v1.34 updates:
Updated UI layout, added a preview panel (map/replay thumbnail, terrain and size, no map name or description yet.)
Added start location selection (still testing, seems no effect?)
Added game version selection
Map settings will be saved in separated sections depends on filename
Removed color name texts (show color blocks only, except Random)
Removed error messages of "Open map file failed" and "Open relay file failed"

v1.33 updates:
  • Icon updated, added 32 bit and 48x48 icon (extracted from SC2.exe)
  • Unused player slots will be hidden
  • Added an option to enable alliance control. (Allow user to control allied computers)
  • Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a map file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
  • Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a replay file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
  • Auto display player settings (type, race and color. no team) while selecting a replay file
  • SC2Ext.dll renamed to SC2Launcher.dll
v1.32 updates:             
  • Fixed the bug regarding replay doesn't work if no map has been selected on the launcher - run the launcher and directly open a replay = not work
v1.31 updates:               
  • Fixed the bug regarding AI doesn't work
  • Show FPS and Alliance Resource Sharing settings will be saved as well
v1.30 updates:               
  • New UI with file list
  • Map, Replay and AI path could be customized
  • Settings will be saved to SC2Launcher.ini
v1.20 updates:               
  • Added AI difficulty selection support (in DLL method, no map file repacking  8) ).
Usage: Place TriggerLibs folder under Mods\AI\<AI Name>, e.g.:
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Standard\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Cheating\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\My Custom AI\TriggerLibs

Base.SC2Data package AI is not supported yet.
v1.11 updates:             
  • Added an option to enable/disable alliance resource shareing. (Alliance resource sharing is forcely enabled in v1.10)
v1.10 updates:             
  • All settings(Team/Race/Color/Slot) are applied in an injected DLL, no modifications to original maps.
  • Replay support, simply run StarLauncher and open a SC2Replay file.
Notes: map file will be copied to X:\Users\Your Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache\Download while starting game, so that replays could be watched normally.

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