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other than that, not bad. you obviously   like watching andrew kramer  :whistle:
guys... i was aware of that already. so what? it's his entry, live with it.

it's shiny but won't work out. consider this animation playing on every page load? totally annoying.

other than that, not bad. you obviously like watching andrew kramer  :whistle:

SC2 Beta Key Contest March2010 / Re: [No-Entry] DarkBlizz Theme
« on: March 25, 2010, 06:56:17 PM »
ok so...

The staff is not EXPECTING us to use this logo for the contest are they?  because I have been working on my own logos/banners for the contest.  This is just an option to use this logo from the staff correct?

right nobody expects you to use it. it's an option.
but also, if you come up with something cool we might actually use it in future!

things just come together here. none the less it's the jury who decides the winner, which again has not much to do with me beeing staff and working on the new theme.

SC2 Beta Key Contest March2010 / Re: [Entry] DarkBlizz Theme
« on: March 25, 2010, 05:49:13 PM »
thx Parabola, I'd like to experiment a bit more but I really want to have the whole theme up and running. It's still a lot of work to do so there's not really much time left for experiments.  O:)

Also I am now already somewhat in the beta so don't be concerned about me (staff 'n stuff..) winning the key in this contest! I will keep this thread updated here anyways since I'd still like to see the new logo be part of some of your entries!

Again, for useful (!) graphical entries consider banners, buttons and other advertising stuff using the provided logo!

There's gonna be an official announcement concerning this update soon, so for you reading this be happy to know it before anybody else!  :whistle:

Great job! (on the cute fellow and the video)  ;)

Hilarious!  ;D

We should have plenty of keys to give away for entries that truly deserve one, sadly this is not the case.

Great dancing there anyways, wish you best luck!

SC2 Beta Key Contest March2010 / Re: [Entry] DarkBlizz Theme
« on: March 19, 2010, 07:27:14 PM »
On Internet Explorer it should run right away, for you Firefox guys (like me) there is a little plugin needed. Just click on the link and download it if none of this is working...

SC2 Beta Key Contest March2010 / [No-Entry] DarkBlizz Theme
« on: March 19, 2010, 07:08:30 PM »
Hey girls and guys,

to support you within this contest I'll provide you with steaming hot DarkBlizz media!

First i want you to whitness the new awesome animated DarkBlizz Logo (double click to get 720p) -

Further i've got an PNG file for you to use in your own graphics concerning this contest - as this logo is most likely to be seen on the top of this website any time soon. Obviously you must not use that for entering the contest, but I'd personally like to see what you come up with!

Now, a video "proof" which proof nothing concretely... because, like Darkslayer said, is only a visual thing.
Saying it like that ALL "video-proofs" could be fake. I mean we didn't actually paint people blue for Avatar right (mind i haven't seen that movie)? Who would make such an efford over time to fool our little group of SC2-enthusiasts without a beta key... to me that makes no sense.

Don't post it on youtube because some people are too retarded to install codecs.
Please remove it off yt


If one's to dumb to find out which codec it uses he shouldn't be allowed to watch it.
I liked the intention not to draw too much attention until there's something released. I mean really, that stuff is not supposed to be watchable on TubeNoob.  :-X

hey i want to start to learn something, but i dont know what.. what do you guys recommend ? valk, or the other guys what you would recommend me? vb.net, c++, scripting, coding(exactly what), reverse engineering (exactly what)? thanks a lot you guys keep up the good work !

Since you spammed this exact post in many threads here i don't think you have the mind to learn any of that stuff, i mean you seem even not able to understand the basic rules of how to use software... learn this: doublepost sucks. After that, try figuring out the difference between string, float and integer.

If you are seriously willing to learn coding (which i highly doubt) go buy some books.


What is seen in the video seems very legit to me. Though all the previous posts on that site did as well. I don't have to see in-game footage (at least for now) to know that they are on to something. That said, i wish you best luck for making progress  ;)

AI Scripts / Re: StarCrack AI Official Thread (Latest Version: 6.1)
« on: March 07, 2010, 03:59:21 PM »
I happened to open the MPQ's and had a look at the files that make up StarCrack AI and (since i have a programming-background). Making the AI stronger is truly more of a challenge than beating it in game, so all of you really should stop complaining... Make sure you play on ladder game speed ('Faster' in SC2; hit {+} on NumBlock twice) and have some fun.
I'm still working on beating 6.1 having a lot of fun. Thanks for that you guys!  ;)

AI Discussion / Re: StarCrack AI Official v6.0 preview discussion
« on: March 04, 2010, 04:05:21 PM »
You really did a great job! I'm very looking forward to the 6.0 version...
I second Nesreca, thus the "back and forth-thing" the AI is fun to play against and really helps getting used to the game again. I guess 6.0 will be even more of a challenge, and beating it will give a great headstart against a whole lot of opponents once this piece of glory is released (6.0 and SC2 in general  ::) )

I'd like to see 'Starcrack AI' evolving as a real alternative to Blizzards AI. I think of it as an advanced learning-tool, especially the part of the upcoming Early/Mid/End combinations.

You are awesome! Keep it up!  ;D

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