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The replay always Desync immediately after loading b/c the launcher cannnot read the correct team settings from the replay. It seems you let the user to manually change team settings for the replay but the interface is bugged. (See attached screenshot, slot 2 disappeared but was originally set to team 1 when playing, slot 4 somehow has no options for setting teams). But this should be easy to fix.
While watching replay right after playing works 100% perfectly, once you exit the game to desktop, re-launching with same settings and watching the previous replay will always come to Desync error after 1-2min as mentioned by others. It seems some hidden settings (team or AI or else) in the memory can't be reproduced after re-launch. This is probably very hard to fix.
Snce the cracked game GUI already allows us to watch replay, I would suggest to remove the replay function before it's completely fixed.

Yes, start location selection even bring more chance of "Replay Desync".
I'm considering to rewrite the map settings applying feature.
Ok, new update.
It just work!!

But now i had: players 1,2,3 AI on team 2. Me was player 4 as team 1.
This morning i was team 4, all the rest the same.

new log:
  22:26:42.718 00800000 D:\3\StarCraft II Beta\Versions\Base14356\SC2.exe
  22:26:42.718 03BA0000 D:\My Documents\Alex-SC2\SC2Launcher.dll
  22:26:42.890 File type : 2
  22:26:42.890 File name : C:\Documents and Settings\Diablo\Local   Settings\Application Data\Blizzard   Entertainment\\Cache\Download\Lost Temple.s2ma
  22:26:42.890 Custom mod path : D:\3\StarCraft II Beta\Mods\StarCrack AI   V6.1.1 (Standard Edition)\
  22:26:45.656 Old MapInfo : Player 1 type 1, color 9, location 0, race   [Rand]
  22:26:45.656 Old MapInfo : Player 2 type 2, color 9, location 0, race   [Rand]
  22:26:45.656 Old MapInfo : Player 3 type 2, color 9, location 0, race   [Rand]
  22:26:45.656 Old MapInfo : Player 4 type 2, color 9, location 0, race   [Rand]
  22:26:45.656 New MapInfo : Player 1 type 2, color -1, location 0, race   []
  22:26:45.656 New MapInfo : Player 2 type 2, color -1, location 0, race   []
  22:26:45.656 New MapInfo : Player 3 type 2, color -1, location 0, race   []
  22:26:45.656 New MapInfo : Player 4 type 1, color -1, location 0, race   [Terr]
  22:27:02.015 Player1: SetAlliance ( 1 2 3  )
  22:27:02.015 Player2: SetAlliance ( 1 2 3  )
  22:27:02.015 Player3: SetAlliance ( 1 2 3  )
  22:27:02.015 Player4: SetAlliance ( 4  )

I'm confused. As the log shows, 4 players with same color 9 (Dark Blue) and race [Rand].
As I know random race should be an empty string. I was shocked, lol.

Can you add support for 16 player maps?

did more tests  on the LT (blizzard map).
definitely for me teams aren't working.
I tried being the #4 player and I no longer had vision, but comp teams weren't allied all 3of them. 2 of them were and they beat #3 ai.
I used 1.34d on XP.
1.33 I didn't tried yet.

Please paste the last section of SC2Launcher.log (under the launcher folder) here, from "Module started at ###" to "Module terminated at ###".

3 problems I've encountered so far:
1. Replays desync after about 1 minute (yes, I have the correct AI selected..)
2. Replays aren't showing team vision. For example, if I select Local Player vision, the launcher will not show vision of my allies. Plz fix this.
3. The Races & Colors will NOT reset to random after each game.. I have to reset them myself every game.
1&2. I'll check these.
3. Some people would like to save all last selections including races and colors.
Maybe I should add another option to enable/disable auto saving these selections.

Just a suggestion, is that possible to add a function which can let us choose the versions of the game? Just like the Starcraft II - Beta Launcher? That would be great!

Problem with the final version of the game the launcher not working
after update:
I'll check this. Thanks for telling.

Hey E.T., dunno if you saw this thread.   It may help in changing the starting locations:
If you take a look at the spawn points part, some of the offsets have been mapped out. Hopefully this will help you, but if not, ignore it.
Thanks, I'll check this.

i must warn people here.
this launcher is great but has an annoying bug which i hope gets fixed soon.
if "the launcher doesnt like or doesnt understand your AI", it woont load
and freeze at a black screen with the starcraft 2 cursor. be aware!
just a heads up. might work for some people, i get it to work sometimes,
but sometimes just goes black. quite a pain to keep restarting my pc.
I'm sorry for the troubles you encounted. I'll do more tests to confirm.
For an alternative solution of restarting pc, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select task manager, then kill SC2.exe.


Nice improvements. Well done!

However, the replay Desync problem still exists. If you play a game and watch the replay right afterward, no problem. But if you play another game with different team/race setting, then the memory gets changed and the previous replay always desyncs. The way to fix this is everytime loading a replay, the program should read the team/race settings from the replay (maybe hard) and modify them in the memory ahead. This should solve the Desync problem.
Some Minor concerns:
Try not compress the exe and dll with UPX, some Antivirus softwares will detect them as Malware/Trojan since they're packed executables. And why not add the complete set of icons (from 16X16 to 128X128) by simply using the one from Starcraft II.exe? Anyway your launcher is <1MB and who cares about the additional few hundred KB?

1.As I mentioned in Known Problems section in this thread, I think Desync problem is because of AI mismatching. That's why I added a feature to remember last selected AI for every map in v1.33, but it's not the best way, I'm still looking for better ways.
2. I just wanted to make the executable smaller. 128x128 and 256x256 icons are too large, even larger than my exe, lol. Anyway, thanks for advise. I'll consider these.

I hope you don't mind; Can you add a "Save Map As.." option? I mean, the launcher won't launch SC2, but just save the selected map with the selected settings.


No problem.
Hey, cool! I think this is the best launcher over here  ;D It has no map preview (Theres enough space for it in the bottom left corner), but well, who cares about graphics when its working so well  ;) Theres a lack of launchers with teams possible and i think this is the only one with shared control option (very usefull sometimes). Also I can finaly watch replays with it!

There are still few very minor things to add - preview could be nice (as i mentioned before), start location selection is good for team maps (now you have to restart until you are close to each other in team) and also the difficulty selection is not working (you can chose only folder, but not the file).

Thanks for it and keep up the good work  :)

1. I'm already considering to add a preview pannel, and remove some unnecessary error messages.
2. I'm still not sure if start location selection is possible, but I will try.
3. Please check Reply#53 and Replay#54.
Simple, not a RAM eater...


Is don't need all the cool interface, map preview and other crap. I think it doesn't really matter, they are "useles"...NOT! I will not stare at the launcher for a lot of time. Mostly people will it only play and ignore the tool look.


I prefer the original tough! don't get angry!

It's ok. Maybe I can release a lite version later, simple UI with only necessary options, no filelist, no preview panel.

Great. This is now the BEST launcher on the earth. Some easy but useful improvements are:
1. Enable the allied control. I know you already put a checkbox in the program but you hide it. I tested it and it works great with no problem. It's really fun to control the allied AI's army and build units/structures.
2. It's known that the AI mod (TriggerLibs\*.galaxy) currently loaded needs to match the AI used for the replay to prevent Desync. So make it possible for us to choose corresponding AI version when loading a specific replay.
3.  Put version info and copyright info to the title together and make GUI looks better. And rename SC2Ext.dll to SC2Launcher.dll to prevent confusion as official SC2 file.

1. There is a small problem. Allied computers keep trying to control alliance's units, they look like twitching, lol. But it's easy to fix - only allow user to control computer's units.
2. The Desync problem - at least one of the desync problems - is resolved, it was a bug.
3. Thanks.
Another thing which would be lovely to have is a tab info with number of players supported by maps.
Also I'd like to save and keep selected the last map played or, at least, first map to be selected by default (in this way you always have access to all settings) and maybe to hide the unused slots to not be seen grayed.
Thanks for all the work put in there. I love that you chosen the TriggerLibs mod and not packed data. In that way we can quickly edit and test AIs.

Thanks for your good ideas.


A few other suggestions:
1. All the slots are default to user, better make slot 2-N default to computer as the original StarLauncher does.
2. Default Map path is better directed to the launcher's path, not "My Documents", or make the launcher able to save the last used path to registry.
3. Those not able to watch replay must be using Vista/7. The Blizzard Cache path is different from XP so the launcher need to adapt to the OS.

1. Already done in version 1.30-1.31, slot 2-N are set to computer as default.
2. I'll consider to set default map path to a better place.
3. I'm still not sure about that. For one of the reasons, team settings are not saved with/in the replay file, team settings may be incorrect if you've changed them on the launcher before opening the replay.

i am loosing my mind is the ai working for anyone of you?

I'm sorry, it's a bug in version 1.20 and 1.30, and it's fixed in version 1.31.

lol fps checkbox and AI selection is in the same place fix it plz!

I made fps checkbox hidden and disabled, I'm considering to remove it in future update, or add more game options (in a new panel).

Quick question:

Since it saves to the \download folder, can I then just copy that modified map, and use LazyLauncher2 directly and start up a game with the same settings?

I mean, say, I set, 1 toss vs 2 zerg, start game, exit starcraft2. Go to the download folder, copy that map and place it under 00\11 and rename it to say,

0011 1v2 PvZZ Lost Temple

then launch lazylauncher2 select the renamed map and expect to see the same matchup?

No. MapInfo and MapScript.galaxy are no longer updated while starting game since version 1.00. Actually no files will be updated or added in/into the map, the launcher will pass all settings to the DLL, and the DLL will dynamiclly apply the settings by modifying SC2.exe's memory.
I just registered to let you know this is the best launcher ever.
The only feature i miss is

- A list of maps in the launcher so that i dont have to browse to them (if you do make this feauture plz make the map folder changeable).

(it would be nice if we could just click a button to import an ai and easily remove an ai from the list to).

Plz dont care about what the launcher looks like functionality comes first.

Thanks for the good ideas. I'm already considering to do so.

Good one et2010 ;) . Tried this one with Ai 6.1.1 (newest) and newest patch too, and it worked :P . However there are still things that can (easily, i guess) be changed to make this even better:

Some list box to easily browse for maps and AI (in this version AI changing still needs to be done by replacing the Base file)

A nicer GUI (would be great but not really needed)

And thanks for this great launcher  8) 8)

AI difficulty selection is available in v1.20, and UI would be better in future update.
Can you make last settings to be kept forever, please?

Sure. I'm considering to save last settings a .ini file, and AI location could be customized.
Well I just ran it perfectly, and I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. Works like a charm. :)

Thanks. I'm gonna do some tests under Windows 7 x64.

Why does this launcher get a new thread every single time it is updated?

This is a modified version, not only an update. Esper is not on this project now.


But tell me, how do we change the AI?

You should add an option for that ^^

Are u going to add AI support for this launcher any time soon?

This mod is great! 

Any chance on adding starting positions to it? That and AI difficulty selection are the only things that this launcher currently lacks IMO. If those two features are added, this loader will be flawless!

AI difficulty selection is not supported yet, maybe available in future update.
I'm not sure whether it's able to set starting location, but I will check this.

I got errors for Drive A with this version 
Using Windows 7 x64

This tool has not been tested under Vista or Windows7 yet, I will do the tests later and release an update.


This is a modified version based on Esper's StarLauncher v0.41.

Known problems:
1. AI won't work in some maps (currently known: Blistering Sands and Scrap Station)
2. Game displays 'Replay Desync' while watching replays in some circumstances, possible reasons:
  AI mod currently selected not matches the AI mod used for the replay
  Team and/or alliance options not match

Fixed the issue regarding program launch failure due to MSVCR90.dll is missing

Fixed the bug regarding alliance settings were not loaded properly
Fixed the start location mark position

Fixed the bug regarding map settings were not loaded properly
Fixed the bug regarding start location selection has no effect
Added start location marks on map thumbnail (position is not very exact yet)
Enabled team and alliance options for replays (some not work replays might work if AI, team and alliance options match)
Moved log file from <GamePath>\Support\SC2Launcher.log to <LauncherPath>\SC2Launcher.log (feel free to delete the old log file)

v1.34a updates:
Fixed a bug regarding program launch failure under Windows XP or below.
v1.34 updates:
Updated UI layout, added a preview panel (map/replay thumbnail, terrain and size, no map name or description yet.)
Added start location selection (still testing, seems no effect?)
Added game version selection
Map settings will be saved in separated sections depends on filename
Removed color name texts (show color blocks only, except Random)
Removed error messages of "Open map file failed" and "Open relay file failed"

v1.33 updates:
  • Icon updated, added 32 bit and 48x48 icon (extracted from SC2.exe)
  • Unused player slots will be hidden
  • Added an option to enable alliance control. (Allow user to control allied computers)
  • Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a map file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
  • Auto select last chosen AI while selecting a replay file (auto-saved in .ini, associated with map filename)
  • Auto display player settings (type, race and color. no team) while selecting a replay file
  • SC2Ext.dll renamed to SC2Launcher.dll
v1.32 updates:             
  • Fixed the bug regarding replay doesn't work if no map has been selected on the launcher - run the launcher and directly open a replay = not work
v1.31 updates:               
  • Fixed the bug regarding AI doesn't work
  • Show FPS and Alliance Resource Sharing settings will be saved as well
v1.30 updates:               
  • New UI with file list
  • Map, Replay and AI path could be customized
  • Settings will be saved to SC2Launcher.ini
v1.20 updates:               
  • Added AI difficulty selection support (in DLL method, no map file repacking  8) ).
Usage: Place TriggerLibs folder under Mods\AI\<AI Name>, e.g.:
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Standard\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\Starcrack AI 6.1.1 Cheating\TriggerLibs
Mods\AI\My Custom AI\TriggerLibs

Base.SC2Data package AI is not supported yet.
v1.11 updates:             
  • Added an option to enable/disable alliance resource shareing. (Alliance resource sharing is forcely enabled in v1.10)
v1.10 updates:             
  • All settings(Team/Race/Color/Slot) are applied in an injected DLL, no modifications to original maps.
  • Replay support, simply run StarLauncher and open a SC2Replay file.
Notes: map file will be copied to X:\Users\Your Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache\Download while starting game, so that replays could be watched normally.

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