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This also didn't help!

I made again a complete clean installtion and deleted everything regarding starcraft, now it is ok again, i hope this strange behaviour will not return!  :)

i have a problem with the AI, it starts suddenly to react everytime the same way and it looks like it is like "very easy"!?

e.g. Terran
- the workers start step-by-step to gain minerals
- he build up a early a supply depot and refinery
- then barracks and sometimes factory
- produces only 2-3 soldier and thats all

I use SC2ALLin1 and make allready an upgrade to the latest version (9.6.6.) and i used GreenTeaAI, there i try also different versions like the newest 0.46.

I also reinstalled already Starcraft 2 and made the upgrade to version 13!

Any suggestions why my AI react like this!?

*sorry wrong section  :-[ *