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Hey guys, new here.
Thought i would help out with the development!

You guys need a UI for patch/fix for SC2? I'm tired of doing
manual copying around. So i made an app with a nice UI to do the job.

Screenshot Update March 20th, 2010 :

Featured Community Packages :
* StarCrack AI v5.5
* StarCrack AI v6.0
* StarCrack AI v6.1.1
* SC2_Payloadz AI Pack v1.0

Future Updates :
* MPQ Importer / Exporter
* Race Selection (in progress)
* Better command buttons
* Ability to load different editions of Base.SC2 from a chosen dir
* Ways to edit the color of units
* Ability to change game speed
* Make the Map and Base.SC2Data directories choosable

Requirements :
* Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008 Redist
* Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
* LazyLaunch v2.0 +

OS Requirements :
* Windows XP SP2+ (x86 / x64)
* Windows Vista (x86 / x64)
* Windows 7 (x86 / x64)


Changelog Version 0.25 BETA :

[Added] - CraniX's Resource Trainer
[Added] - Map Popularity (via
[Added] - Map Description and filesize (via
[Added] - Ability to set in-game options
[Added] - New and improved (smaller) UI
[Added] - Registry check for StarCraft 2 InstallDir (x86 and x64 modes)
[Added] - Ability to change and run different StarCraft 2 builds
[Added] - SC2_Payloadz AI Pack v1.0
[Added] - StarCrack AI v5.5 community package
[Added] - StarCrack AI v6.0 community package

[Fixed] - Bug in Direct-X detection routines
[Fixed] - Faster startup routines


SC2_Payloadz will be made available soon. Few more fixes to sort out.
All resource files are embedded into the .exe for easy portability mode.

Switcha / DarkBlizz.