STARCRACK Cheating AI v7.0 Replays (All race combinations)

Started by sam_galactic, April 06, 2010, 12:16:54 AM

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Here is a little pack of 9 replays I put together of me beating the STARCRACK Cheating AI v7.0

A few of the matches are good to watch, all the vT and a few of the others require a solid strategy to defeat. Some of the others, like ZvZ are a joke. Enjoy, and leave feedback to help me get better :P


hey man nice replay pack you got there :thumbsup: however if you really want to improve i suggest trying Strategy AI V.31 (Auir Patch) BaseSC2Data file here -->

if you can get a replay pack of those beaten on every match up i would be thuroughly impressed. ;)
im not a noob but just possibly a stubborn zerg player that doesnt want to try other races  :D just curious how other people play against this. this version was the point where my macro/micro abiliies just could not keep up (my APMs arent that great tho lucky to get around 300+current apms with and average of 45~80 depending on the game).

me and other would be very impressed to see this.