How to beat GreenTea AI 0.46 - Zerg vs computer Terran

Started by wayman, May 27, 2010, 09:40:06 AM

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This is and easy one.. 7 pool ling rush just about wins ,e the game every time against ai, except "cheating ai".

1. Build order is simple.
2. Get 7 dornes out
3. wait until you get 200 min and build spawning pool
4. build 1 drone so you have 7 again
5. wait untill spawning pool is done, and immediately build lings until your supply is capped
6. Immediately send them at opponent
7. (VERY IMPORTANT) Micro them properly! Don't just run them into the opponents base. Harass them a bit. Try keeping the lings alive as long as possible! Also keep trying to destroy the structures that can produce units that will be able to attack your lings. Ex. If its toss destroy the pylon powering their stargate. If its terran, destroy their barracks.
At the same time harass and destroy thier workers, but DO NOT, jsut run the lings straight into the worker line. That will get your lings killed very quickly
8. While attacking with your lings, quickly switch back to your base and pump out more lings.
An easy way of doing this is to macro your base to F2 and your lings to F1, so you can switch between them while still microing your lings.
9. Keep pumping out lings and sending them..
10. If for some reason none of your lings died, you should be supply capped, so build an overlord, then continue to keep pumping lings.
11. If your opponent is not dead by now you A. Did something wrong or B. They managed to outmicro you and hold off your attack

If A. Congratulations you won the game
If B. Immediately stop sending lings, if you feel that the lings just keep getting killed with no affect, and try to work your way into another build. (I would suggest mass pumping workers for a bit.)

Hope this helps you somewhat. :)

-- Wall of text CRITS you for 10000!