[3.3.3a] InsanityWoW {Instant 80 & Strictly Blizzlike}

Started by DragonBlade, June 02, 2010, 05:24:26 PM

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Hello there people, i am so proud to announce InsanityWoW is open again!
Let me inform you a bit about our server:

Default Information:
InsanityWoW supports player rights and our staff is mostly working to increase the value "Blizzlike"
of our realms players who break rules will not be banned instantly because they'll be on further
investigations which we'll actually check all our logs and proof's if they're false or not.
InsanityWoW's Staff is very friendly and tolerant.
When we say we'll fix something we actually keep our words true and work on that everyday as much as we
If you join us we grant you you're going to be treated how you should and that every player have same
rights and power.
If you join us now, you will not regret!

Realms Information:
* Carnage - PvP - Instant 80, Free Gear in Shopping mall!, x3 honor rate!
* FrostWolf - PvP - x1 Rates, fully blizzlike!

Our realm "Carnage" is really good for players that want to chill, so you'll be suprised how you can
chill on the same server you're playing cause of blizzlike supporting.

Server Specification:

|X| Dedicated
|X| Core 2 Duo
|X| 4 Gigabytes of RAM
|X| 300 Gigabytes of Hard Drive space {SATA II}
|X| 100Mbits Uplink

Staff list:




Staff Information:
InsanityWoW misses some developers and GM's so if you're interested, apply to join us!

Sponsors and Partners:
1. Ninteundo inc.
2. Naptor.com
3. Empty

Sponsors info:
Theres one sponsor slot empty if you're interested, contact us.



Carnage Info:
|X| Instantly level 80
|X| Big mall in shattrath with free gears
|X| PVP Realm
|X| Starting Gold available! -> Join and look!
|X| IceCrown Citadel Scripted
|X| Characters Database autobackedup every 4 hours! - No downtime or lagg while its being done!
|X| Epic PvP'ing

FrostWolf Info:
|X| Always online
|X| Always fixing reported bugs
|X| IceCrown Citadel Scripted
|X| X1 Leveling and all other rates!
|X| DeathKnight Quests Working!
|X| Characters autobackups every 4 hours!
|X| No Downtime while Autobackups
|X| More players can ride on 1 special mounts like mammoths
|X| Truly blizzlike!!!

Additional Info:
|X| Deathknights quests are working properly!
|X| 99% Server UPTIME
|X| Autobackup everyday (Server restart not required)
|X| SOTA Battleground working
|X| 3.3.3a Patch support
|X| 100% Free to play!
|X| Supported by many developers [Help Granted]

All of you that were InsanityWoW's players we invite you back to enjoy with us again
like the old times we had fun :) and ofcourse all of new ones :D

Links info:
Website: http://www.insanitywow.net
Realmlist: logon.insanitywow.net
Ventrilo server: IP: Port number: 3784

Freakin Awesome Server! Join us right now and see what is waiting for you!


i found it woot, just a bit of hunt and pec. come on Staff dont let me down now tell me your better then both tru-wow and truewow . good day or night to all :D... looking forward to seeing ya all in the Game Client