Vernam7 cracking the SC2 retail installer diss

Started by 2g4u, July 20, 2010, 02:23:35 AM

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First some ground rules:

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So here are my 50 cents:

I don't believe Vernam7 claims that he cracked the installer and that he is the first person outside Blizzard's employers to be playing the SC2 campaign.


First - he would have made some screenshots of the retail game interface, campaign missions interface, etc. Or a 2 mins video of playing(Sry, but I don't bite the whole "I DON'T WANNA SPOIL YOUR FUN GUYS" thing, few screens or a short video won't spoil the experience for anyone). It will turn all the "skeptics" into fanboys and he won't have to explain himself in "two screens long" posts here at DarkBlizz or at nibbits forums.
Anyway the inability to do so is my 100% proof that all that he is doing is TROLLING...

Second - I don't deny that Vernam7 is actually a skilled VB(.net) coder and I guess a nice guy, who made a FREE LAUNCHER for all the unlucky guys that didn't get a key. But I don't bite that he was able to crack the installer before any of the members of SKIDROW, RELOADED, ViTALiTY, Razor1911. For all that haven't heard those names - those are scene groups with YEARS of experience in reverse engineering.
No offense but comparing Vernam7 to those guys is like comparing me(I am an Informix-4GL programmer) to Vernam7 :) . The simple truth - VB(.net) Coding skills of V7 >>> mine, as SKIDROW, RELOADED, ViTALiTY, Razor1911's reverse engineering skills >>> V7's.

Third - Making a different account just to defend himself - that is not cool man! There is no doubt that the second account English is "as good as" the V7's(I am not making fun of his skills in English, not everyone here is native English speaker including me and I know that my English sux too). Also the grammar and semantics mistakes of both users are the same, which makes me really suspicious that they are actually the same guy :) . And that is one more reason that I don't believe him - just release some screens or short video to defend yourself, instead of doing this girl's thing...
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At some point he said:

i never said i found the perfect solution, i manually did that for my   self.
other groups later may have better crack methods no dought.   Everything that locks also unlocks!
one more tip, did you ever "worked" with the sc1 installer? do you   remember the cd-keys 1212-1212-121- (dont recall the exact digits now)   but was only 12 that was a universal decoder?.


WOW How mature is it to make a thread like this ::)


The idea of this topic is to keep the V7's crack discussion here, not in the Starcraft II Crack topic... as you said:

Quote from: steve30x link=topic=2034.msg19239#msg19239   date=1279614861
I wa'nt attacking anybody that   posted on this thread before me. I was just stating a fact. I'm hoping   the rude non respectful people start on here also.

I hope that the rude non respectful ppl spam here not in the crack topic :)
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Its not a very grown up thing to start a flame war thread. How about I start a thread about dissing you because you are crying because you want the crack and dont believe Vernam cracked the game.

I wont do that though because I am not childish like that.


Its fine as long as the flaming part is non existent :) Keep the good tone and everything is fine by me, even if you start the diss if I am gay or not :D
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former!" Albert Einstein


Hi all, it's been a while since my last visit to these forums (sorry, work and all).

I have been monitoring the threads posted by many users over the last couple (2) days, with regards to "Vernam7".

I would like to give my two cents on the matter.

Firstly: The so called "installation screenshot" posted by Vernam7, this is not a "fake" screenshot per-say (fake as in a photoshop'd image), however it very easy to duplicate this screenshot it by replacing "InstallCD\Global\Unpack\NotReleased.xml" in "Installer UI 1.MPQ" with a copy of "InstallCD\Global\Unpack\InstallerInfo.xml" (from the same archive). I can post some screenshots of my own if it make you all happy?

Secondly: The .mpqe files are encrypted using a (singular) key, I assume it's a different key per region (US, UK, RU, ect), you CAN NOT code a "keygen" to magically make generic decryption keys, this key (as many have said before) is acquired from the blizzard servers upon installing the game.

For example: The GB (Great Britain) version requests "" and/or "".
The US version requests "" and/or ""

You can in fact "fool" the installer to skip the "Hell, it's not yet time." message by adding a few keys to the registry to fake a StarCraft 2 Installation, however this will ultimately get you nowhere in any case, cause the installer still requests the decryption key from Blizzard.


Original Installation:

Faked installation of StarCraft 2 (Notice the "Install" button has changed):

Upon clicking install (with out faked Installation):

Note: without modifying the archive ("Installer UI 1.MPQ") we will land back at the "Hell, it's not yet time." message when "Install" is clicked.

The infamous "Vernam7" image that surfaced:

After selecting an install location (Path and Size of installation are now present):

Proceeding further with the installation and you'll get the following (there's no key to decrypt the archive):


The question is why would Vernam do something like fake it.  I mean he has already reached popularity with his SC2Allin1, thanks to, so why would he bother faking a further his popularity?  I dunno, I'll wait to see how this all pans out.

protoss fan

@Myst maybe he works for blizzard and doesn't want to spoil the game until release date



Quote from: Myst on July 20, 2010, 12:56:05 PM
The question is why would Vernam do something like fake it.  I mean he has already reached popularity with his SC2Allin1, thanks to, so why would he bother faking a further his popularity?  I dunno, I'll wait to see how this all pans out.

you agree with me that having a cracked ver. of SC2 retail would not have stoped anyone sharing it to the masses (even with a fake alias if he is scared by blizz).
so my bet is that...
1. he does not have it and is searching more fame...(remember that as doix said Vernam did not cracked anything till now... all he did was an interface for lazyteam launcher)... and to remember ya more USMC23, bastmp, my research to get team,color, etc to launchers and maping all the s2ma files...first of dedicating to Bnet2 emulator that brought USMC23 a lot of problems.

2. he did what we all did... cracked the instaler till the instaling point (without the auth key) ... started to post that he did cracked the SC2... and now he can't eat his words back...

If he did  what he did... share that installer with me... and i will confirm or deny his version without realease anything... ANyway till then I'll hold my oppinion (and a lot of other trusted members of this community) on him.



logical perspective

have the person release the supposed crack. would not be of any value when this week is over am i right?

Now however from a programmers standpoint, there is no reason to not release this. Its a game and nothing really of importance


Its a fraud



I hope that you do realize that after 27.07.2010 EVERYBODY will be able to install and PLAY OFFLINE SC2(ofc the offline play is crap - you can't save your progress, you don't earn achievements, etc.). So the whole "I AM GONNA RELEASE MY CRACK AFTER 27.07.2010" is another one of V7's tries to fool the community. And let me quote this post once more:

Ok, to the people who are trying to crack Blizzard's SC2 - read the following.

MPQ - MoPaQ file archive format in which the files are compressed to decrease space and enhance ease of use.
MPQE - MoPaQ files first used by Blizzard. These files are encrypted.

After playing around with PeID and several plugins I found MPQE files to be encrypted in two ways. One - is a simple crc & header corruption which is easily reversible.

The other, however is a Salsa20 or ChaCha encryption, BOTH of which are as hard to decrypt as Themida 2.x. This encryption requires a 256-bit key which Blizzard DID NOT RELEASE. It is possible to try to crack the key if you have enough knowledge on the subject, but cracking the key could take months or more.

The Sc2 installer WILL DEPROTECT the files WHEN it has the key. So basically, even if you do modify the program so that it will accept any authorization key, the decryption will still require the 256-bit key that BLIZZARD HAS.

Vernam claims he cracked the program in a maximum of 3 days. He also said that he used an emulator server to help him with the cracking.

Why the hell would you need an emulation server if everything except the encryption-key can be accessed locally?

Finally, Blizzard wouldn't release a game before the actual release date with such weak protection that it can be cracked in less then a week!

Also, Vernam, I have 8 years of experience in C mask and psuedo code, not to mention a doctorate in computer science. I am currently taking classes in electric engineering, so denying my argument by calling me a script kiddie (Which is what you say to all logical arguments) will just make you an idiot.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former!" Albert Einstein


LOL, you have to admire the BS, "release the crack on/after the 27 of July just to prove that I did", man, that brings tears to my eyes cause it's just so damn hilarious.

Just as 2g4u pointed out EVERYONE will have the game installed on the 27th, the Blizzard servers would have released the decryption key(s), thus making it infinitely easier to make a "crack" that's actually no longer required nor is it relevant after the 27th.

It's likely (I'm not 100% sure) that the retail (boxed) version will not contain encrypted files, so it's likely that come early next week that a retail version may surface online.

Another Note: Blizzard released the StarCraft 2 client for download on purpose (it was not by pure luck or chance that some random person found a magic link, this is what some of you may believe), it's to stop the servers from being raped/overloaded come release day.

I for one am not terribly concerned about having the game 7, 5 or 2 days before everyone else, come the 27th my copy will arrive at my door. Hell, we have all waited many years for the sequel to (what I consider) the best RTS of all time what's a couple of days, lets just be happy that it's finally (just about) here.