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Started by Myst, August 23, 2011, 05:46:02 PM

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Check out the latest buzz of SC2 LAN related chitter chatter and any new or past SC2 LAN software from any group/developers at
SC2 LAN Section

Stay tune for updates to our D2 NameBot, Rogue of Diablo v2. Make sure you post any suggestions/ideas you have for it in the forum.

New Project: I'm working on a final 1.0 project, which will be a plugin oriented bot, with all the features of all the programs I've ever made, made into plugins into this one bot.  Also any ongoing projects I was working on such as the SC/BW Game Hosting Bot, will be a made into a plugin for this bot. 

SC2/Bnet 2.0 Protocol/Emulator:  Hopefully this week I want to organize all the past old emulator sources and protocol documentation for release.   I understand some of the authors of this content were ordered by Blizzard to cease & desist publishing this information, but this release will be done in a safe manner, that does not expose anyone.  If you have concerns, please PM me privately.