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Started by Myst, October 27, 2011, 12:47:10 PM

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Hello world. 
The only way sites survive is through content and a steady stream of audience.  So I'm looking for a few committed individuals to join our team and continue keeping this website alive.

Moderators will be in charge of moderating there given section, i.e typical forum housework, moving/deleting/organizing topics&posts.  And provide new topics/posts that spark discussion or give valuable information.

Right now I'm looking for SC2 and Diablo3 section moderators.   These individuals should be active online and play the games they're moderating.  They should be frequent posters and familiar with SMF forum software, so they can moderate properly.  However if you're new to SMF but a worthy candidate, we'll train you.  If  you feel passionate about another section of the site or want something created, that you'd like to be a part of more - then let us know also, we're open to suggestions.

So if you're interested, let us know what section you'd like to be a moderator of or if you feel you'd be better with a specific sub-section under the main section (ex: sc2 lan under SC2 section) let us know also.   Also let us know if you ever had experience moderating a forum before and which forum software/site is was.  Also let us know why you would be a good moderator.  Also you must be a frequent site member to be considered.

So either reply here, or PM me, or visit me on irc.darkblizz.org #DarkBlizz



Section - Diablo 3 (All Subjects/Sections)
SMF - (Moderate)
Would Like Created - Diablo 1 Section (Former Hacker, Creator of the original Town Kill / Resurrection Crash

I am a Diablo 1 Veteran as well as D2 Veteran.. Played in 1996 and joined the hacking clan F-E in early 1997. Eventually I became an associate (not member) of Le (Limited Edition) Hacking clan.. We are the people who made hacks such as. (DHack, Doomgaze Editor, Town Kill, Auto Dupe, Auto Kill, Monster Kill) and many many others! I am an associate of SoD (Soldiers of Diablo) And would hope you pick me to moderate this great forum. It would be a true honor.. I appreciate your consideration as well as attention..


Battle.Net Elite

EDIT: Granted I have not been around long.. I can promise nothing but trustworthy working's from me. 
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Section: Starcraft2
SMF: Poor

My name is Chris, I go by PreTenD, I am apart of vVv-Gaming.com. We are the most accomplished Console gaming organization in the world. I am with the Starcraft 2 Division, and The discussion of Starcraft 2 is about the only thing that ignites me. I love the game, the competition, and the competitors as well. I know about everyone, and everything in the scene.

I have moderated many forums, helped keep them clean, and kept conversations on topic. All of which, as a moderator is like saying, I breathe. My experience is mostly with Php, and Invision free. The most recently moderated forum was a Modern warfare 2 forum, which I received payment for my contributions, as did our other staff members. However that's probably why we went off the deep end. I wasn't really passionate about the game either.

Other notes:
I suppose the obvious question is why would I want to help here, or contribute my time at all. I simply love Blizzard titles and Blizzard related communities as a whole. I am not Staff with vVv-Gaming.com simply a member, and would like to help out, somewhere it is needed. That seems to be here. :) I appreciate the chance, and you taking your personal time to review my application.

~PreTenD 8)


If you need someone to just keep posts in check, etc., I'd be glad to help if you needed it. Let me know on IRC when you do.
jbls.bhfiles.com (100% Uptime; Supports all clients.)