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Started by Myst, March 27, 2012, 12:07:32 PM

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Your personal helper when developing for Diablo 3. d3.advanced has been created in order to lower the barrier of entry for Diablo 3 hack and other application developers.


.NET 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Download Here

QuoteQuick guide on how you use it:

1. Start Loader
- first time you start it, point it to Diablo III.exe
2. Create a new Profile in the Profile Tab
3. Switch to Process Tab
4. Click on the checkbox running to start an instance
5. Play!

Features: -
- Maphack
* Reveals units on the minimap (regular mobs in red, champs/bosses/rares in blue)
* Displays arrowes to level exits
* Minimap Markers are always revealed!
* The correct defiled crypt is colored in a green!

- Instantly exit games
- Instantly craft
- Displays a timer in the left bottom when ingame
- Displays clock in the left bottom when hanging out in the lobby
- Allowes .NET assemblys to be loaded (create bots)


F9 - This was added for testing purposes. It allowes you to port your toon to the xyz position where your mouse cursor is currently pointing at. However, this only has a clientside affect and will not allow you to get past boundaries.
F12 - Toggles the console. Only use this if you absolutely have to! Once ~20 lines have been printed into the console it will result in a crash.


All commands are prefixed with a dot '.' and can be used in the lobby aswell as in game.
<> signs work as placeholders.

Syntax: .dotnet <appdomain> <assembly>
Syntax: .dotnet -unload <appdomain>
Syntax: .dotnet -unload
The dotnet command allowes you to load assemblys into specified appdomains. You can unload all domains at once by writing .dotnet -unload or unload specific domains by writing .dotnet -unload <appdomain>.

Displays the currently levelarea of your hero. Used to quickly figure out the currently SNOLevelArea.


All .NET assemblies go into the subfolder Assemblies.

Download Here

API Documention:
For help/support visit here or IRC Server: - Channel: #d3advanced