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Started by Cheesenugget, March 04, 2010, 10:00:37 PM

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I've played all the races of AI 5.0, 5.5, 5.1
all one on one matches, and I've got to say
1. They retreat WAY too much, and never really had the "determination" to attack
2. They get retarded when I wall in
3. When I don't wall in, they cannot beat me in unit swarms = AI not managing resources correctly
4. They never really use the top tier tech units, or the top tier units AT ALL
5. They need more creativity in their offences, such as nukes and guardian shields and storms and whatnot. Speaking of storms, none of the AIs ever used a storm (essential for protoss)
6. AIs will never drop your base, they will never have cloaked units
7. AI basically gives up on making new units after you slaughtered their initial wave of units.
8. Not enough workers in AI bases (15 max i saw?)
9. Although the AI expands decently, they never defend it right
10. AI rarely gets anti-cloaking things (mobile ones, at least)
11. Zerg AI cannot detect invisible units
12. The AI retreating isn't so much like retreating, but rather strafe from one spot to another while taking fire.
Welp, that's all I've got to say. Although easy, the AIs made right now is better than any that I'll ever make.
But really, kinda easy


This is just another repetitive whine. We all know this already. Here's my rendition of this whining list.

1. You're WAY too ignorant, and never really had the "determination" to thank the devs for releasing a cracked version of SC2 for your enjoyment and pleasure. Personally I never thanked the devs, but at least I'm not putting down their effort and hard work.
2. AI is not a human, they will always be scripts and scripts cannot think for themselves, hence, "retarded".
3. Wall in or don't wall in, you'll still own them, does it matter?
4. Play cheat version.
5. Refer to number 4; then creativity in AI's forces will be the least of your worries.
6. Refer to number 2.
7. Refer to number 2. You're pretty much repeating that AI is retarded.
8. Refer to number 4; then you'll never complain once again for AI not having enough resources.
9. Refer to number 2. "AI is retarded", once again.
10. Refer to number 4. They WILL detect your cloaked units.
11. Same complaint as number 10. But I get your point. Overlords just don't like to become Overseers I guess.
12. Refer to number 2. "AI is retarded", once more.

Conclusion: Stop whining, we all know already. Play the cheat version until there is an AI capable of "acting" like a human player. And don't just place defensive structures so you get an easy win.


"Welp, that's all I've got to say. Although easy, the AIs made right now is better than any that I'll ever make.
But really, kinda easy"

dont know why your so upset gg.sc2.. he never said that everything failed, he just gave some inspiration (for v6 maybe) and said things, which are really true.. there are a lot of things, which must be changed and the AI-development wont be finished soon! there still are many things to do to create a really good and bugfree AI, but v5.5 is anyway the best released ai at the moment!
im developing AI aswell and i know that its a lot of hard work to balance it and just bring in new features.. but v5.5 is not exhausting the engine blizzard made.. v6 will try to do this and be more creative.. there also are ways to interac with the player, but it needs more time to implement those.. another problem is that there is no documentation yet.. so all you are doing is "try and error" and trying to understand all of those functions (and the code is jumping around all the time, which doesnt make it easier).. many functions are not defined in the code (theyre probably defined in sc2.exe) so you can just guess what theyre doing exactly and try it out! so its no surprise that the ai development is not at the point of using creativity, counterunits or intelligent gameplay!

sc2 beta just is out for about 1 week.. thats no time for the "tools", which are already made for it.. the best thing to do is wait and see how the development goes on (remember turd ai v1 and how it has been improved till v 5.5)


I'm not upset. I'm just clearly pointing out the fact that it's been complained about so many times already. There was no use in pointing it out again. If you think to read before posting, you'd find that the "easiness" of the AI is prominent throughout the forum and does not need to be mentioned again. Besides that, everything he has mentioned has nothing to contribute to AI 6.0. Everything he has said is known, it sounds more like whining rather than "suggesting". It's clear he had no motive to bring anything to help improve the AI or motivate the devs, he just wanted to point out the fact that the current AI was..."retarded".


That's odd, Ive played numerous times on various versions and have encountered DT's and every game they had time to, they massed carriers.

Everything else you've stated has been stated many times, so really you have every bit of bashing coming to you. Everyone wants to play good AI's that are intelligent, nobody wants to read the same post under a different username for the 10,000th time. If you're gonna flap your sandy vag lips, at least take the time to post it it the right thread, which contains everything you've said 100 times over
better wear your shades, the spotlights here can burn holes through the stage