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Hey guys I just wanna ask if anyone has any info if the invites system(the same which was used in SC2 beta. where if you are invited to the beta you can invite one friend by e-mail) will be used for the D3 beta ?

Do you know any site that gives you "free" beta key, when you preorder Diablo 3 ?
First some ground rules:

1. No flaming! No fool language, curses, swears at any of the members of DarkBlizz posting, no matter how much you disagree with them or how mad are you!

2. No SPAM! Posts like: "I agree", "You are right", etc. are not constructive.
SC2 Tools / SC2 Replay Renamer
April 05, 2010, 12:02:47 PM
This is a tool used to (auto)rename replays. Its made by Randomnoob.terran. Its very useful to ppl which have played a lot of games and wanna find a particular replay.

v 1.03

The GUI:

Keystroke Bug in Warcraft Programmed by Microsoft                       

Microsoft has purposefully planted a bug in the popular MMORPG "World of Warcraft". This seems to affect all Windows-based computers, though the entire span of this bug has yet to be determined. Adept player Kwakmeister reported the bug in WoW forums late last night.
QuoteOk im new to hotkeying so im most likely doing something wrong.

I can hotkey alt to anything but the function keys. I can do alt+f1, f2, f3 but when i get to f4 it crashes my game EVERY TIME! Its annoying because I have to reset all my hotkeys cuz a game crash doesnt save them. Please fix soon!
This does not seem to be an issue with the Warcraft code itself; rather, it seems that the popular OS company Microsoft may be to blame.
The Alt + F4 hotkey can be critical in gaming situations, so it seems that someone is to blame. It is not yet clear if this was an issue surrounding the controversial Windows Vista operating system, or if it was an intentional oversight by Blizzard. Responding to the hostile accusation was Blizzard's own blue poster Maaven:


Btw Kwakmeister got SC2 Beta Key, because of his extreme skill in founding bugs :D

A custom map in which you are given a random race to try and take the control of the center of the map. Its very basic, but at least is something better than playing VS yourself.

So here you stay young commander. At uneven ground vs uneven force. Your only advantage is having time. Act wise and achieve victory or rush in and suffer defeat.

* The name is based on the famous replay of a game between KIROFF[T] and Tapoto_kopele[P]. It should be called Use your Imagination, but back than English wasn't so popular in Bulgaria(yes its obviously a typo).

** Considering the amount of units you will need a good PC or you will have problems.
I've noticed many StarCraft veterans complaining that they deserve to be in StarCraft 2 beta over the current population of Beta players. What most of these veterans don't realize is that the majority of gamers that received Beta invites came from the WoW community:

The average StarCraft player:

StarCraft back in the day for both Vanilla SC and Brood War - 50$
Possibly WarCraft 3: Reigns of Chaos - 50$
Free Gaming for the last ~10 years on - 0$
Total: 100$ more or less.

The average WoW player:
Played either StarCraft or WarCraft 3: 50$
Playing WoW since Release: 50$ for Original World of Warcraft
5 Years of Subscription fees for World of Warcraft: 900$ (15$ x 60 Months)
World of WarCraft: Burning Crusade Expansion: 50$
World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King: 50$
Blizzcon Ticket: 100$ (Let's not include the trip cost)
Total: 1200$ for SC2 Beta, at least.

Also many people are crying about that they got imba good PC configurations and still they haven't been selected. Blizzard doesn't care much about how the game runs on the newer PCs. They want to test how it performs at configurations which are closer to the minimum system requirements.

*Taken by various sources.