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Galaxy Maps / Homeworld v1.13 Final
April 19, 2010, 06:18:34 AM
Homeworld v1.13 Final:

After Contra, Yug has made a remake: Homeworld. This time you can chose between 3 heros and defeat the waves coming to your base. It is implementing all the latest discoveries.

  • Chose from 3 heros: A total of 12 custom abilities.   
  • Ground and air waves   
  • Boss after each wave   
  • 5 Upgrades and 2 items available   
  • Secret bosses

Download Here:

This is the english simplified version. According to the creator it is missing some text and info. But, it is a lot more useable for english speakers than trying to play on the chinese version.

Uninstall any AI you have put and use the original Blizzard AI.
Use Lazy launcher to launch the map.

To Play:
Select the probe, Use the ability (looks like a creep spawn thing for the zerg) and select a hero.
When you have your hero use the teleport ability and select on one of your buildings.
Don't forget to upgrade your hero and base defence. You can also get items from bosses to equip your hero with.

This is pretty hard.
Galaxy Maps / Extr3m TD
April 09, 2010, 06:53:54 AM
Extr3m Tow3r Def3nse: By Hectorpalador

Hectorpalador at nibbits made a remake of Mapster TD

- You can go up agianst 1 or 2 CPUs.
- You can build units with the Pylon.
- You can build towers with the Probe.
- 30 Waves.
- A Special mode available 'Temple Mode': when the Stalker enters the Temple Zone, 9 Levels

Extr3m TD

Download it here:
Galaxy Maps / Contra v1.1 Final
April 06, 2010, 05:18:50 AM
Found this over at  &

Thought this was cool.

Starcraft II - Contra v1.1 Final

Contra: by Yuggren
Yuggren, a chinese map maker, made the first scenario map: Contra. You control a hero with 3 different weapons and 5 abilities. Your goal is to defeat the various packs of zergs all around the map. It takes its roots from the tower defense and makes great use of all the hero stuff we just discovered. PixelWarrior and I recorded gameplay videos to give you a preview. The english version is not perfect since yuggren's native language is chinese, he is looking for help in that area.

Game Description:
Because of a vehicle failure, Contra landed on a space garbage station. The only living creatures are insects: human being massacred. The station has been transformed into a Zerg nest. In order to rescue and protect the surviving humans, you have to kill the Zerg leaders.

  • The objective of the game is to kill the different zerg bosses
  • You have to defeat the Queen within 45 minutes
  • Your hero have 3 weapons and up to 5 different skills
  • Killing monsters provides you minerals to upgrade your weapons
  • Level up to get better abilities
  • Enjoy!
Change Log:

  • More upgrades and improved learning system
  • Hero level cap to 20, Skill level cap to 6
  • Added skills: Illusions: Create clone
  • Monsters have a chance to drop minerals
  • Medical skill is now a healing over time
  • Revival system

  • Hero movement speed increase
  • Machine gun range increased by 1, Shotguns range increased by 1.5
  • Bosses hp reduced
  • Weapon upgrade costs adjusted to 300/450/675
  • New defensive upgrade, upgrade an increase of 3 per point defense, and 200 blood cap cost 200/300/450
  • Modified the outcome dialogue, addition of a hidden ending
  • Modified errors
Download Here:

Original Thread in case you understand Chinese: 

Thanks to Yuggren!